Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide – A Friendly Guide for Beginners

Posted on November 12, 2022
Shattered Pixel Dungeon Guide For New Players

Dungeon crawler games have been one of the pioneers of pixel games that are still popular today. When it comes to a game that still dominates in this role-playing category, Shattered Pixel Dungeon still has the crown. The game offers an immersive virtual dungeon environment that can be played in 2D.

That, however, does not exclude the action that is always present in dungeon battles. There are places to explore that complement the action, and for the sake of immersive adventures. You still do not advance the game effectively without a guide. If you are a new player who wants to know what you’re doing, we have got your back.

In this blog, we will provide you with a helpful guide that surely helps. Though we cannot discuss all the contents, this is enough for you to gain familiarity. Victory is still up to you if you want to improvise based on the guide we provide. So enough for the introduction, let’s dive into it.

Know to Pick Your Class

Shattered Pixel Dungeon offers you character options that will widen your choices depending on your preference. The game has 4 classes of heroes that you will be able to choose from. They are The Warrior, The Mage, The Rouge, and The Huntress or Markswoman. Each of these classes has unique abilities and playstyles that are susceptible to change.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon - Selecting Your Hero

But that is only possible depending on the choices of items you get while playing. The first class of heroes that you can choose is the Warrior. This is a typical barbarian puncher that pretty much defeats enemies by the use of a punch. The problem with this class is the ranged enemies like Scorpios and Sewer Crabs.

Next is the Mage which is a good choice for ranged combat. However, it has several weaknesses for melee attacks and is not even effective for melee combat. The Rouge is not that strong but is great for surprise attacks. Lastly, the Huntress has a playstyle of Mage and Rouge that is effective in close combat.

Rules for Scrolls & Potions

The very first recommended tip to do is to upgrade your scrolls. They are single-use but magical items that have various, instant effects. Some experienced players argue that this is not a necessary step. But for the sake of readiness, it is advised to upgrade them for future instances.

The other helpful tip is to prioritize item farming for it gives you nourishment as you progress. It is painful to manage the food but always eye for Horn of Plenty to resolve that. Always take advantage of the garden and you will reap the benefits. You also need to identify potions and scrolls as you progress through the game.

It is because having not even a slight knowledge about them can derail all your progress. You probably get killed if a potion of liquid burns up a useful scroll. They are annoying substances that can hinder you from continuing the quest. But you can still escape from them by using the exit which you can bail quickly.

Always Prepare for Animated Statues

An animated statue is a special enemy that you will encounter in the statue room. Your goal is to eliminate them quickly from this room using a piece of equipment. Killing them varies depending on the kind of weapon they are carrying. That is why you need to observe the weapon before you decide on the next step.

One suggestion by experienced players is to plant a Seed of Earthroot as you step on it. This will reduce the damage from the attacks you take from them. It is always worth fighting these enemies for they are the ones who can halt your progress. However, that can only happen if you are not careful enough.

Don’t Forget About Wells

Wells are vital places that you can visit while playing Shattered Pixel Dungeon. There are 2 of them that help you acquire the essential resources as you progress. First is the healing well which helps reset your hunger to zero and thus, heal your max health.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon Wells

You can also use the well by throwing your waterskin to fill your dew so you always heal yourself. The well of knowledge is most suitable to equip yourself with unidentified rings. It also reveals all of the items in the stage so you can make your exploration faster.

Don’t Underestimate the Seeds

Seeds are definitely overlooked elements by new players but can be immensely powerful when properly used. They act as extra potions, such as fade leaf or haste, or a useful weapon against enemies.

You can use them as fire blooms to spread fire in a room or earth root that can help you in fighting enemies. When they are utilized properly, they serve as useful tools you can tap on. You just need to be resourceful on other objects that you assume are similar to them.

Bottom Line

The guide we provided can help you as a new player beginning your dungeon battles. We would like to remind you that it does not cover all the aspects of the game. However, it provides you with an overview of the entire game and the essential elements to know.

After all, it is up to you as a player to leverage every resource provided to you. For future updates about Shattered Pixel Dungeons, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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