Shop Titans Guide – 8 Best Beginners Tips & Tricks to Improve Gameplay

Posted on January 25, 2022
Shop Titans 8 Best Beginners Tips

Last 2019, Kabam Games, Inc. released an exciting RPG simulation titled Shop Titans. As the game title suggests, this RPG simulation game asks you to open up a shop for various adventurers where you need to sell weapons, armor, potions, accessories, or everything that adventurers need. So, let’s check out this article for some Shop Titans tips!

What is the Main Goal in Shop Titans?

Your objective in Shop Titans is obviously to make money from selling adventurers’ stuff. Also, you need to expand your shop and other significant parts of the city. To make this happen, you need to acquire resources for upgrades. You can choose to stay F2P or spend real money improving and expanding your shop quickly.

Shop Titans customize shopkeeper

Image Source: Shop Titans Gameplay

In general, Shop Titans depict a trade circle system. Additionally, you can send out adventurers on quests to initiate more money and materials. What makes this RPG simulation more exciting is that you can join alliances or guilds, enabling you to have more resources that are significantly important to the development of the shared town.

So, are you ready to play Shop Titans? Let the Shop Titans Guide help you out in the early phase of your adventure. Also, we’ve developed various tips and tricks to assist you along your way.

Shop Titans Guide –  8 Tips & Tricks for Beginners

If you want to build an effective shop without spending real money, here are some vital tips and tricks you can follow to make your start a more amazing one:

1. Follow the Tutorial

Keep in mind that not all games are equipped with tutorials. Luckily, Shop Titans offer tutorials to help players understand the whereabouts of the games. Also, you definitely not must miss the tutorials as the game provides amazing offers. By following the tutorial, you can unlock your mind on managing your shop, generating new items, getting new characters, and expanding your business. So, if you are new to this kind of genre, it is highly recommended to take the tutorial first for further knowledge about the game.
Shop Titans Tutorial


2. Stabilize Your Surcharges & Discounts

In playing Shop Titans, you have to keep in mind that energy is one of the critical aspects. You will understand the importance of energy when you need to create more money. But, for now, you need first to know how to balance your Surcharges and Discounts. As a shopkeeper, you need to make your buyer interested in your items, and there are two actions you need to balance which help you sell items; surcharges and discounts. When talking about surcharging, it is the action where you increase the price of the item, but it decreases your energy. While discounts refer to lessening the cost of the item but they restore some energy. To balance these two actions, it is best to surcharge expensive items while giving discounts for cheaper stuff. However, it takes time, understanding, and experience to balance this right.

3. Join a Guild Once You’re Ready

Like the other RPG games, joining a guild is essentially helpful if you know how to maximize the benefits of having a guild. However, it can be totally pointless to join an alliance if you don’t know the benefits of having it. So as soon as you’re ready, you need a guild, and there’s no rush, especially when you’re just starting the game. When having a guild, you can get accompaniment in upgrading things around your shop. Your guildmates can also send you gifts. They can also offer you some actions such as dusting your furniture for energy. Also, you can accomplish milestones and battles for incredible rewards.

4. Embellish Your Shop For More Energy

To effectively add points to your Prestige Stat, it is highly suggested that you buy and play furniture in your shop. However, this action does not affect your gameplay significantly. But,  if you are an aspiring decorator, you can use this privilege to top-notch Prestige Leaderboards. Hence, aiming for the Prestige Leaderboard will take you loads of in-game and real money spending.

5. Generate Items to Unlock Greater Ones

As you start playing Shop Titans, you will be set in very cheap items that are good to start with. You will be given limited access to the exceptional resources; however, as you progress in the game, you will soon unlock various new recipes to escalate the item’s profit. One method to unlock new recipes is opening chests that can cost you real money. On the other side, you can alternatively check your list of recipes and find those that have another item shown near them. By utilizing these patterns, you can develop new and better recipes.
Shop Titans Unlock items


6. Boost Your Displays

Once armor mannequins and weapon racks are placed in your shop, you need to upgrade them. Once these displays reach levels 6 and 11, you can add additional items. Also, your energy pool is getting increased when you upgrade your displays.

7. Deploy Heroes for Quests

As you start playing Shop Titans, you will set up characters like Argon and Lomeli. Also, you will get a chance to meet the first characters from the Worker category. Your characters must be sent on a quest. The tutorial will teach you how to do it if you don’t know how to do it. Deploying your characters to quests allows you to get unique rewards that you can use to craft your superior gear. Also, these rewards can help you achieve chests or special items that you can utilize for your champions and heroes.

8. Save Your Diamonds

As you start your game in Shop Titans, you will be able to get free diamonds which is known as the premium currency of the game. It is a rare item for Free-to-Play players, but you will find yourself tempted to spend real money for diamonds as you progress. It is best to save your diamonds for re-rolls, expand your shop, or craft more slots once your gold reaches its limit. Also, you can use diamonds to open chests quickly. If you want to make your start more fantastic, it is best to carefully use your diamonds, especially if you are not a P2W player.

So, that’s it! Hope this Shop Titans guide helps you a lot, especially as you start the game. Stay tuned for more information and updates about this RPG simulation game!

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