Toca Life World – Explore 9 Games & Their Locations

Posted on October 22, 2021
Toca Life World Explore Games Locations

Toca Life World is an educational simulation game that features various Toca worlds in just one game. With this feature, players can most effortlessly create their desired world by using one comprehensive desktop app. Like the other Toca Boca apps, this game is open-ended gameplay where players, especially the kids, can customize various characters in exciting locations. Whether you just want to hang out with friends or get a weird hairstyle, you got all things possible in Toca Life World.

Additionally, it is a perfect game to create stories, make your avatars and unleash everything possible. In this fun-filled game, there are eight games, and each variety has different Toca Life World locations. There’s no need to stay in one place because you can explore these locations and make fun out of them. By clicking on the targeted place, you will be set on that location in only seconds.

9 Games & Their Toca Life World Locations

Welcome to the delightful world of Toca Life World, where everything is possible. Here, you can enjoy dozens of exciting adventures. You can utilize the adorable cast of characters and keep the fun playing for hours to explore the worlds. There is no need to set skills and maintain health gauges and energy; all you need to do is have fun!

Here are the 9 games and their Toca Life World locations you can try exploring.

1. Home

First on our list is your home. It is the place where you can express your creative edge. You are also expected to clean your house, perform live and cut hair. You can style your home by using various furniture and accessories you have in your inventory. If you’re not satisfied with your creation, you can simply click the cross button to remove it and start anew.
Usual Home in Toca Life


2. Vacation

If you are someone who immensely loves adventures, you should try this game. Like the usual adventure routine, you need to catch a flight heading to where you wish to go. It can be on the beach, hotel and more. There’s no need to unlock tasks; basically, you can earn by doing some things such as jumping on the beds, riding an elevator and getting into fun adventures in the hotel.
Vacation Toca Life

In this walkthrough, you have four locations to explore: the airport, hotel, beach, and sightseeing. Here, you can customize the features of 34 characters according to your preferences. However, you can modify everything if you’re offline, but it will be more effective if you‘ll focus on one character. Drag your characters into the setting of your story and enjoy the scene.

3. School

As derived from the game’s name, the game encourages players to prepare their school bags and prepare for school. Like a usual school, there are various classrooms, playgrounds and libraries. Here, you can learn countless things and hang out with your classmates. In this game, you will engage in 5 locations: the cafeteria, school building, youth club, house, and playground. Along with the mentioned locations, you can play with 34 characters and create extraordinary school adventures in various locations.
Toca Life School

Also, you can customize each character by changing their outfits and adding some accessories. Like a typical school, you can explore the mentioned five locations by conducting experiments in the classroom, fighting other school gangs in the cafeteria, or playing like a basketball coach in the playground. Aside from creating your story in the school, you can also discover some hidden treasures.

4. Office

In this game, you will play the role of someone who is engaged in a standard office. You will have your own laptop, copy machines and printer. This game offers your six Toca Life World Locations: bank, office, rooftop, courthouse, daycare, and apartment. Each location sets a different environment and characters as well. Along with six locations, you will have a chance to explore the game using 35 characters. You can customize each character using various fashionable outfits. You can also transform a particular character into a superhero.
Toca Life Office


5. Town

In this game, you can visit the grocery stores for your home, have lunch in your favorite restaurant or cook your favorite dish at the comfort of your home. Also, you can set a party and watch movies together or enjoy the swimming pool. The game has 7 locations: the pond, police station, store, apartment, park, restaurant, and your home. You can explore all these locations using the 21 characters and customize their appearance according to your preferences. What is exciting about this game is that you can get five animals and challenging adventures to take off.
The Town in Toca Life


6. City

In this game, you will be able to explore dozens of different buildings together with a fun-filled cast of characters. This game features six Toca Life World Locations like shopping malls, tailor, hair salon, theater, loft apartments and food park. Here, you can customize 35 different characters. You can either modify each character with their hair color, hairstyles, outfits and more. There’s a lot of things you can do here, so there is no reason to get bored.
Toca Life City


7. Hospital

This game is not free to play, and you need to pay some money to explore this game. If you wish to become a doctor someday, you should not miss this game and make your dreams come true virtually. In this walkthrough, you can travel over the medical center and handle newborn babies. In this game, you will have a chance to look in 5 locations: the main entrance, basement, family care, general care, and lab & treatment. The hospital itself has five floors, and each floor is equipped with adorable characters. Here you will handle what a usual hospital does, such as checkups and the regular happenings in a typical hospital.
Toca Life Hospital


8. Pets

In this game, you will have the freedom to choose your favorite and play the game the way you want. Here, you can choose from over 120 animals and take them as your pet. In this game, you can explore 5 locations: a hotel, pet park, veterinary, breeder’s bungalow, and pet shop.
The Pets in Toca Life


9. Farm

Last in our list is the farm. If you want a simple life and be a farmer, then this game is right for you. Like a typical farm, you can grow crops, take care of animals in the barn, set the tractor and clean the mess of your animals. You can also have a simple picnic here and have fun living on the farm.
Farm in Toca Life


Final Thoughts

Indeed, playing Toca Life World will let you create more stories and create your own world by just using one app. Here, you can be whatever you want and have fun. Some worlds have moveable objects like cups, books, and combs. You can also customize your characters according to your preference. So, do you have your favorite game in the simulation app Toca Life World? Share your thoughts here!

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