Toca Life World Review – An Excellent Game for Kids

Posted on October 11, 2021
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Toca Life World is an educational game where every kid’s imagination can come to life! Released in November 2018 by Toca Boca, this kids game provides a special world for your child where they are free to create whatever they want. They can make their own characters, create stories, and so much more! But the question for most concerning parents is this — is Toca Life World safe for your kids to play? Let’s find out in this Toca Life World review.

All About Toca Life World App

Toca Life World is generally a virtual playroom for your kids. Just like the playroom, they are free to do whatever they want and play with the toys available in the game. Through this educational game, kids can exercise their creativity and expand their imagination as they are given the freedom to build characters and create stories. Whether they like to give their characters a makeover at the salon or be friends with doctors, everything is possible! Their imagination is the limit in this game.
Toca Life World Gameplay

This kids’ game is also easy to play. Kids from four years old and up can easily grasp how the gameplay works, even without a tutorial. But still, parents need to guide their children so that they can play the game properly.

If it’s your kid’s first time playing the game, they will be given eight locations to discover. These locations include a shopping mall, a salon, and an apartment. They also have 39 characters to use. And in these characters, you’ll find kids with different ethnicity, genders, physical conditions, and more. These characters alone can teach them so much about diversity in the world.

What’s unique about this educational game is that it’s a mega-app that allows you to connect your child’s Toca Life apps to Toca Life World. If they have already played Toca Life: City, Toca Life: Vacation, and more, then you can easily export their progress from those games to Toca Life World. That way, children can have more characters to make use of and storylines to create.

Is Toca Life World Safe?

As parents who want to protect their children from the disturbing content on the Internet, it’s a must to monitor the apps that your children are using. Fortunately, Toca Life World is a safe game for your kids to play. Apart from bolstering their creativity and imagination, this game features only kid-friendly elements — no profane language between character conversations, the characters wear appropriate clothing, etc.
Toca Life World Bop City

It’s also worth noting that there’s no chat feature in this game. That way, parents can guarantee that your children can’t converse with anyone that might put your kids at risk. Like in most kids’ games, the chat feature is where the danger starts. Additionally, there will be no annoying ads popping out on the screen every time your child plays. That ensures continuous enjoyment for your kids without putting them at risk.

Final Thoughts

Toca Life World is absolutely a win-win for both kids and parents. For the kids’ part, they can learn how to develop their imagination and skills. They also get to learn more about accepting diverse people. On the parents’ side, they will have peace of mind knowing that their child is not vulnerable to inappropriacy.

The only downside to playing Toca Boca is that there are in-game purchases. Currently, Toca Life World features 500 characters and 90 locations to explore. Sadly, you need to purchase most of them for your kids to play them. But worry not. Once you’ve purchased them under your account, you won’t have to buy them anymore.

For this Toca Life World review, we ultimately rate this game as 9/10.

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