The Top Free Dress Up Games for Kids Available on PC

Posted on September 11, 2021
Top Free Dress Up Games For Kids

One of the most well-loved and enjoyable types of games is dress-up games, especially for children. Kids prefer these games because it is simply fun and relaxing to do. Little girls who love to play with dolls would surely not say no to dress-up games. Also, these games help them to exercise their creativity and express themselves better as children.

Dress-up games have very basic gameplay. Basically, you just need to dress up a digital doll with various clothes and accessories. As basic as it is, little girls enjoy these games for that very same reason. It is all about dressing up and beautifying your character. Do you want to know some of the most played dress-up games available online? Then, here is the list of the best dress-up games your little one can try on your PC.

Be a Supermodel in Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is one of the best fashion games playable on PC. This game is perfect for girls who want to play about aspiring models to dominate the catwalks. The gameplay of this game is simply straightforward. It enables players to dress up a customizable model. You can change the doll’s appearance according to the size, shape, and skin tone you prefer.

Also, you can arrange her hair, makeup and of course, clothes. What makes this game unique is that it utilizes real-life fashion brands of accessories and clothing. Once you’re done glamorizing your model, you can also let her join various themed challenges and get a chance to win exciting prizes or extraordinary clothing items. If you or your kid is an avid fan of fashion and glamour, you will both enjoy this game.

Be a Celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a combination of RPG and dress-up games. The game starts when you play as Kim’s assistant. As her assistant, you need to dress up your character in several available clothes and hairstyles. The main goal of this game is for you to reach up to the celebrity world and have a life of glamour, like what Kim has in real life.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Generally, the game doesn’t focus more on dressing up. However, if you are more interested in fashion mix and match, you can unlock more clothes as you progress and try out many outfits, hairstyles, and makeup for your character. If you are a Kardashian fan, you will surely enjoy playing this game!

Win Fashion Competitions in Love Nikki

When talking about dressing up games, Love Nikki – Dress Up Queen is one of the most complex games to try. But hey, you must not miss trying out this lovely game! Derived from the famous game in Asia called “Miracle Nikki,” this game focuses on dressing up the beautiful Nikki and as many as 100 more characters. It has a rich storyline, and over 10,000 pieces of articles of clothing to choose from.

Love Nikki

What makes this game unique from the rest is its fully voice-acted storyline. After dressing up Nikki, players can also join various fashion competitions and unique arenas to battle with other stylists in the game.

Dance Gorgeously as a Pretty Ballerina

In Pretty Ballerina, you will not only engage in dressing up your character but also create ballet choreography for your character. In general, the game has three levels; first, you need to create a dance choreography that your avatar will perform; the second is to dress her according to the show theme; and lastly, the main presentation.

Also, be aware that your dancer might get hurt, especially when your choreography is too intense. However, this ballerina-themed dress up is what kids will surely enjoy, particularly if they love dancing as well.

Dress-Up Adorable Kids in Cocoppa Play

If you are looking for a more childlike avatar, then Cocoppa Play is the game for you. Unlike other games listed here, characters resemble cute kids and not supermodel dolls used to dominate the dress-up game genre. In this game, you will play with three models that you need to dress up with stunning princess-like outfits.

Cocoppa Play

In addition to dressing up your dolls, you need to prepare them for their presentations and choose the right choreographies they must use on the show. What makes this game different from other games is that it has a Farm mode. In this mode, you need to raise sheep and turn its skin into new clothes. There are also some missions that need to be completed to unlock new items.

Be the Biggest Personality in Star Girl

Star Girl is a dress-up and simulation game also available for PC download. As the name of the game suggests, it focuses more on dressing up your character to become a big celebrity. The main goal of this game is to allow your avatar to work as a model, singer, and actress. Also, it includes buying clothes as well to date other famous personalities. As you prefer dressing up, you will surely be amazed by the beautiful catalogs of clothes and accessories available in the game.

Star Girl


Start Your Dress-up Adventure in Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a combination of dress-up and RPG games. In this game, you can create your character by utilizing various available outfits. Also, your character can take off on an adventure and create a unique story in Studio Mode.

Gacha Life

Aside from that, this dress-up game can also have a Life Mode, where your avatar can explore several places such as school, town, and more. You can talk to an NPC to check some updates about them. There are also eight mini-games to choose from where you can collect gems and over 100 rare items. Gacha Life is one of the most sought-after games by little girls so make sure not to miss it out.

Explore Hannah’s Fashion World

Like other dress-up games listed above, your task in Hannah’s Fashion World is to make her beautiful and fashionable. Her clothes and accessories come in various categories such as hipster, cheerleading, prom, and more. In each category, you need to choose suitable outfits for her and the perfect hairstyle. If the other games have more mature dolls, the characters in this game have a more teen-like appearance. This makes it perfect for your growing-up kids.

Hannahs Fashion World

So, here you go, check out some of the best dress-up games you and your little one prefer to play. Start the game with glitz and glamour! Enjoy playing these dress-up games for kids on your PC!

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