Township Game Tips – 7 Strategies to Expand & Grow Your Town Fast

Posted on November 6, 2021
Township Town Strategies

Township is a city-farm building casual game developed by Playrix. The said developer is the maker of famous casual games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes, and more. In this game, you will not be dealing with matching puzzles or redecorating a space. Instead, your task will focus mainly on managing your town and its progress.

In Township, your main goal is to produce raw materials simultaneously and at the same time, process them to create various goods that will significantly boost your town. As you get more resources, you can add more buildings which will help you manufacture different goods. It also helps you to unlock more raw materials and generate more products. The more products or resources you produce, the more money you can use to increase the development of your town.

Though the gameplay is easy to understand, there are still some things you need to learn, especially with the improvement of your town. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of strategies you can use to expand and grow your town quickly and effectively. Check out the Township game tips you should not miss doing.

1. Keep the Production of Goods Fast & Stable

In playing Township, you will most likely plant crops and manage animals. By successfully doing these mechanics, you can secure the production of your raw materials, which are needed in creating various products in factories.

Generally, the game follows a leveling-up system. Meaning, you generate XP every time you do tasks or something for your town. Basically, you get a little XP whenever you plant and harvest plants.

Township Game Tips Level Up

As you progress, you will accumulate more XP by completing more challenging tasks such as building new structures or accomplishing a massive order from a customer. Once you acquire the needed XP in a particular stage, you will automatically level up, enabling you to unlock new pieces of stuff, buildings, animals, and crops.

If you want to pass the level quickly, one Township strategy to use is to ensure that the production of goods is stable. You need to establish a constant supply of crops, milk, eggs, and wool usually used by factories. You can check your inventory from time to time.

Though the process is not immediate, you need to have efficient operations to make your production active continuously. Meaning there’s no room for idle time. Ensure that all items are set in motion to be produced, even if they are not required. There are instances that things such as orders or tasks are changing; you might know that you might need an item unexpectedly.

From time to time, check your barn. See if you have enough stocks on various products. With that said, you will control your inventory and plant ahead products with low supplies. Once you know the routine in maintaining your goods, you don’t have to worry about low stocks in the future.

2. Complete Orders & Collect Coins

In playing Township, you will be able to get gold coins in exchange for completing orders from various citizens of your town. To check orders, you can access the helipad corner. From there, you can get simple to huge multiple orders. Complex orders take time to accomplish, but you can complete them by making your resources ready.

If you want to expand your town, you need to produce more income and utilize it as much as you can. For expansion, you need gold while acquiring new building cost coins. Make it part of your Township strategy to send out orders to your customers regularly. Also, don’t forget the hot air balloons as they bear special chests that contain gold coins.

3. Add New Buildings to Your Town as Much as Possible

One of the most important Township game tips to remember is to add various buildings to captivate more people to your city. To add more buildings or expand your city, you need to be efficient in taking orders. Once you establish good standing in fulfilling orders, it means you earn more gold coins and attract more people to live in your metropolis.

Township Game Tips Buildings

For you to maximize your population, you need to build more houses. You can start with small cottages, and as you progress, you can achieve farmhouses that can set over 30 people. As your city becomes more extensive, these farmhouses will turn into apartments and skyscrapers which can accommodate more people.

However, building structures takes time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to establish massive constructions before the day ends or logging off. In that way, these new buildings are readily available when you return in-game.

4. Use the Train & Airplane in Sending Orders

Aside from the helipad, orders from your customers are also carried to the train and airplane. As soon as you send out orders using the train, you can receive special rewards that are different from what you received when you use the helipad.

In addition to special rewards, the train also gives back building materials like hammers, nails, paint, and more. These items are essential in completing building projects. Through this Township strategy, you get more rewards and make your resources ready if you wish to add a building.

Once you reach level 17, you can deliver orders using the airport. From there, you can accomplish more huge demands and get worthy rewards that you should not miss in return.

5. Boost the Space of Your Barn Frequently

Generally, all kinds of stuff you produce are set into your barn. Thus, you must upgrade its capacity as much as you can to avoid getting overflowed. If the barn runs out of space, it won’t be able to accommodate more stuff.

To upgrade your barn, you need to secure various construction materials that you accumulate by the trains. So, if you want to upgrade your barn, you better focus on completing your orders using the train.

Township Upgrade Barn

But if you want to maximize the space and can’t afford yet to upgrade the barn, you can keep the resources on the factory shelves. So, aside from the barn, investing additional extra slots to your factories’ shelves is important.

6. Play with Friends & Establish More Social Connections

One of the Township game tips to keep in mind is to establish connections with other players. Boosting your social connections in Township results in various benefits. With the help of your friends, you can fill out a significant order on a train or airplane. The more friends you have, the more chances of support you will get in any product you require.

To get more friends, you can explore the Social tab located beneath the game screen. By simply clicking the two smiley faces, you can check out friends. From there, you can get a list of users and send them invites to be added to your friends’ list.

7. Acquire More Township Cash

As you play the game, you will notice the green bills called T-Cash. These bills are used in improving the gameplay and speeding up the game. By using T-Cash, you don’t need to wait for more minutes as it can be on your hand instantly.

Be aware that T-Cash is not easy to obtain unless you will buy it from your pocket. Be practical on how to use it and conserve as much as you can. It is highly recommended that you use this currency to add shelves to your factories to meet your customers’ needs effectively.

So, that’s it! These are some of the few Township game tips you might need to expand or grow your town. With the help of this guide, you will be able to transform your starter town into a fascinating metropolis. If you have your own tips and tricks in playing this casual game, feel free to share them here in EmulatorPC.

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