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Burger – The Game: Unique & Challenging Casual Match

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Burger The Game Full Version

Burger – The Game

Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer

Category: Casual


Do you like to play a casual game that can be a little difficult to play? If yes, then welcome to Burger – The Game by Philipp Stollenmayer. In this really straightforward game, your objective is to pile as many hamburger patties as possible. That’s correct, all you have to do is stack each burger patty on top of the other to see how tall you can go.

Stack those Patties!

With no instruction, this burger game differs from many others. But since the gameplay is incredibly straightforward and simple to pick up, you won’t need one. You will therefore notice an icon or representation of the origin of the burger along with a cooking pan on the upper left.

A bun is being held by a hand to the right. For the in-game control, all you have to do is right-click with your mouse. To prevent the patty from falling, the only thing you can do is raise the pan till it levels. Click and hold to elevate the pan.

The patty will fall when you release the handle because the pan will return to its initial position. The objective at this point is to pile as many burgers as you can. You must turn the patties over to the bun to achieve this.

Test Your Stacking Skills on PC

Like most casual games, Burger – The Game does not feature any cinematics or cutscenes. Instead, this game goes straight to the main title page proceeding to the main game thereafter. The key to this game is timing and balance.

Place the hamburger patty on the bun, allow it to land, and then tap the pan once more to lift it. By doing so, the pan will behave like a slingshot and launch the burger in the direction of the bun. The difficult phase is ensuring that the patty lands precisely on the bun.

It won’t hit the bun if you throw it too hard. Too weak of a toss prevents the ball from landing on the bun. Inaccurate flipping might also cause the burger to bounce and slip off the bun. To stack the patty, you should aim to repeat your landing once you’ve already done so.

If you continue to miss, the burger will be closed and you will be penalized according to the number of stacked patties. You can unlock other types of patties, such as dinosaurs, lobsters, chickens, and others, using the points you have earned. Once you get the hang of it, you will learn to love this highly addicting and challenging game.

Check Out This Stack Features:

  • User-friendly mechanics and control
  • Unique and challenging gameplay concept
  • A plethora of unlockable
  • Easy to learn but challenging to master

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