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Drag Racing On Pc

Drag Racing

Developer: Creative Mobile Games

Category: Racing


Welcome to the world of Drag Racing. If you think racing alone is fun, then you have yet to experience the multiplayer of this game. Defeat other players while they are driving their cars or play against 9 other gamers in real-time races. Become a member of a team and share your successes, talk strategy, and even trade tuning methods

Race 1-on-1 in this Competitive Multiplayer Drag Racing

The original nitro-fueled racing game, popularly known as Drag Racing, has already enthralled millions of racing enthusiasts worldwide. Explore over 50 distinct car styles and collect cars from Japan, Europe, and the United States. Upgrade, customize, and use your speed demons in competitive races. The game provides players with countless choices for car customization. You can also compete against other players online by driving your opponent’s vehicle in a 1v1 race. If 1-on-1 competition bores you, you can take part in Pro League’s live 10-player races.

While remaining in your class, you must do your best to get the ideal balance between strength and grip. Tuning your vehicle will up your chances of racing towards victory. For added excitement, you also have access to nitrous oxide. With that said, it’s time for you to go deeper into this game. Modify gear ratios to shave precious milliseconds in your challenging journey across 10 tiers of automobiles and racing categories. Drag Racing is a thrilling game that requires talent and instinct from those aiming for the top spot on the global leaderboard.

Experience Car Customization & Engine Tuning in Drag Racing Online

The goal on these short tracks is to win every race. Clicking the acceleration button at the precise time and mastering the application of nitro, are just two things you need to master. Each race can be over in under 5 seconds if you execute it effectively. Still, upgrading your car is a must if you want to reach that level.

The game features over 50 distinct cars, which you can modify using your tournament winnings. The turbocharger, paintwork, engine, and brakes can all be modified. There are also numerous ways to improve and customize your car. Being able to compete against competitors from around the world in a matter of seconds is one of drag racing’s greatest attractions. Your performance will be compared to that of the other players, allowing you to compare your score with theirs as well.

Enjoy These Awesome Game Features:

  • Exploit an expansive customization option packed with tons of aesthetic items
  • Unleash your driving skills and challenge yourself online and offline
  • Tune your vehicle and leave your opponents behind
  • Challenge other players online in competitive 1-on-1 races
  • Become the best racer online and collect tons of rewards

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