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Horizon Chase Game PC - A Modern Reinvention of Classic Racing

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Horizon Chase On Pc

Horizon Chase

Developer: Aquiris Game Studio S.A

Category: Racing


Have you played classic racing games in the past and wish similar ones are available nowadays? Do you miss playing such action-packed games rendered in 16-bit graphics? Are you fond of retro games that bring back the 80s vibe? Well, if you miss the good old arcade racing games, then rejoice because Horizon Chase is today’s tribute to the old-school driving games.

Discover a Retro Racing Game in Horizon Chase

As previously mentioned, Horizon Chase is a retro-style driving game published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A. This 3D arcade racing game lets players get behind the wheel and drive over 20 unique sports cars. Moreover, players will experience the electrifying feeling of driving at fast speeds on the road as they try to surpass opponents. Win every match and earn wads of in-game money. As you play Horizon Chase on PC longer, you can fine-tune your favorite cars to your discretion.

But be warned; this can be a brutal racing game. It will fascinate you with its jaw-dropping graphics and eye-catching retro-style visuals represented in high definition. Not only that, but this racing game will keep you hooked with its spectacular gameplay. Overall, Horizon Chase is one of the best arcade games evocative of retro racing games to date. With a control system that’s perfect for computers and tons of cars and circuits to race on. So there’s no questioning how this game is paying homage to classic racing games with all these iconic elements.

Simple Horizon Chase Controls – Cruise Easily Along Tracks

Horizon Chase controls are intuitive and customizable with up to 3 various options to choose from. Regardless of what sports car you choose to race with, driving them along the racetracks is a breeze. Just put the pedal to the metal, hang on tight, and don’t slip on the road as you pass those hairpin curves. Having said that, note that Horizon Chase comes with a free and paid version. The former has 5 different race tracks while the latter includes a Senna Forever expansion pack.

If you’re a fan of the legendary Ayrton Senna, then you may want to purchase the paid expansion pack. Even so, having 5 free racetracks is more than enough to enjoy this retro-style racing game.

Classic Arcade Racing Game Features

  • Tour the world as you race on different circuits
  • Legendary soundtrack from Barry Leitch
  • Impressive reinvention of 16-bit graphics
  • Play Career Mode with 5 chapters and 6 unique cars

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