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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free: Realistic Airplane Simulator

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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Developer: Fun Games for Free

Category: Role playing


Version 2.4.3

Who doesn’t want to pilot an airplane? Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is your ticket to escapism and into the world of aviation. Play through various courses including the basics of taking off, balancing your flight, and doing stunts in the air. Do you think you have what it takes? Get the Flight Pilot Simulator 3D download today!

Lift-Off into Virtual Airspace in this Pilot Simulator

With a virtual pilot’s license, you have access to over more than a dozen aircraft to your choosing. As the name implies, the Flight Pilot Simulator 3D game puts you in a semi-realistic game where you get to traverse through an open-world sky. Inspired by the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D PC lets you play on both mission-based training courses and an open-world mode. Whatever you choose, you get the opportunity to man the best aircraft in the world—both commercial and military-grade.

Flight School Made Portable

Test yourself in a wide variety of training courses that will truly hone your flight skills. While it may not be as realistic as the Microsoft edition, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D online takes you to the skies with the fundamentals of flying. You get points for doing accurate work including soft landings and turning in mid-air. Your actions will mean the overall performance per course. Also, you get to choose the difficulty per course ranging from the easiest to the hardest. As usual, the harder the difficulty, the better your points.

Depending on your aircraft, courses are based on certain situations. If you fly a commercial airline, expect large movements and manage the safety of your passengers. Or if it’s a military-type plane, you’ll be doing speed zooms and obstacle evasions. If the game calls for a stunt plane, you’d do a specific number of flips and tricks in the air.

How to Play Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Unlike the bigger PC-only games, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is ported from the mobile platform. Emulated for the PC, expect converted control inputs from touchscreen to keyboard. The settings for the controls may be premade, but you can always change them using the F1 key. There are several courses to take note of based on the aircraft you are flying.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D: Game Features

  • Dozens of aircraft to fly.
  • Plenty of high-flying courses to choose from.
  • Semi-realistic controls and sensitivity.
  • Great visuals to bring more immersion to flying.
  • Compete against other players with its scoring system.

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