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Trash Truck Simulator - Drive Trucks with Fully Modeled Interiors

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Trash Truck Simulator On Pc

Trash Truck Simulator

Developer: SkisoSoft

Category: Simulation


Ever considered what it might be like to work as a garbage man? Welcome to Trash Truck Simulator—the unique driving simulator that lets you operate a garbage truck. Enjoy a realistic driving experience complete with a lively AI system. Test your skills and overcome the game’s realistic physics. Relax and test your skills in this highly downloaded game today!

Drive in Trash Truck Simulator’s Lively AI Traffic System

Trash Truck Simulator is an exciting first and third-person driving simulator game. Players take control of a trash truck and set out to collect trash from bins. They must transport their collection to a processing facility where it will be repurposed or incinerated. The key characteristic of this game is that you have complete control over every element. You can select the sort of gear shift you want. This is to utilize any of the four driving modes before beginning the game. Players also have the freedom to paint and design their garbage trucks according to their preferences.

Using the icons on the interface, users can operate the wiper blades, switch on the light sources, utilize the GPS, or honk the horn once inside the vehicle. Players can also select one of the various camera angles. They need to keep an eye on the fuel gauge and visit a gas station if necessary. As for challenges, driving a trash truck in this game involves realistic physics and a traffic system. Mastering the controls requires a couple of playthroughs. Nevertheless, the game is addictingly fun once the player gets used to the controls.

Experience Realistic Physics in Trash Truck Simulator

In Trash Truck Simulator, your job is to collect trash from every container in the city and deliver it as quickly as you can to the local dump site. You can accomplish this with the aid of a meticulously detailed garbage truck, complete with elements that will give you the realistic impression of actual driving.

The truck in Trash Truck Simulator can be driven with ease and responds perfectly to user inputs. While the gameplay is not too sophisticated, you will never get tired of exploring the amazingly detailed city streets. The BGM is almost as astonishing as the visuals, which are much above the quality you’re used to.

Trash Truck Simulator is an entertaining way to evaluate your driving abilities. The game is incredibly realistic because it is based on actual garbage trucks. Not to mention that this brilliant game also comes with a lively AI traffic system. Delivering rubbish to a facility in which it will be incinerated is the aim of the game. You can purchase new trucks and improve the furnaces at the processing plant with the money you make from burning the waste.

Get Fully Modeled Interiors & These Game Features

  • Drive realistically rendered trucks, front loaders, and more
  • A plethora of upgrades to exploit
  • Stunning graphics with realistic physics
  • A massive map to explore
  • Realistic day, night, and weather effects

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