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My Reaper Girlfriend - Become an Assistant Reaper

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My Reaper Girlfriend On Pc

My Reaper Girlfriend: Moe Anim

Developer: Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Category: Adventure


Are you familiar with grim reapers? Well, if it’s not yet your time to enter the afterlife, maybe not. When we say grim reapers or so-called Angel of Death, they usually appear when your soul has already left your human body. Sounds terrifying, right? It isn’t in this game! Here, You’re about to meet two of them by playing My Reaper Girlfriend.

Published by Genius Studio Japan, My Reaper Girlfriend is an exciting interactive story adventure game where you’ll get a chance to meet and play with reapers. In this game, you’ll transition from an ordinary high school student to a reaper assistant.

My Reaper Girlfriend – Saving Your Crush

To understand the game better and why you should deal with reapers, you need to find out the main storyline. In this game, you’ll be playing the role of a typical high school student who lives a normal life and has a crush named Mika. Mika is your classmate and, like you, an average high school student. Furthermore, she’s prone to life-threatening situations that make her more mysterious.

One day, while heading home from school, you see Mika is about to be hit by a car. Because you’re courageous and have a crush on her, you will do everything to save her. You’ll jump into her, but sadly, instead of her, you are the one who got hit.

After the incident, you’ll wake up and find your soul has already left your body. Also, you’ll meet two beautiful grim reapers ready to take you to the afterlife. But, because you’ve shown bravery, the reapers are impressed with you and give you a chance to go back to your life, but on one condition, to become their assistant.

My Reaper Girlfriend – Meet the Angels of Death

After hearing the condition of the two reapers in My Reaper Girlfriend, you decided to agree with their proposal and help them with their mission on earth of collecting souls. But something seems to bother you; how can these two beautiful girls become reapers? Well, it’s for you to find out.

In My Reaper Girlfriend, you’ll play with the two reapers, Marie and Elsa. Marie is renowned as the tsundere. You’ll find this reaper rough at you at first. While the game progresses, this reaper will become more open to you and you’ll find the goodness in her heart.

On the other hand, Elsa is known as Marie’s superior. She’s a passionate reaper and unapproachable. But, once you have proven your abilities to her, she will be a bit nicer to you. So, are you ready to be the reapers’ assistant? Embark on your strange journey and play My Reaper Girlfriend now.

Stimulating Features Worth Checking Out

  • An engaging interactive adventure game?
  • Simple gameplay and easy controls
  • Track a unique yet entertaining story
  • Meet the two lovely grim reapers
  • Immerse with them in fulfilling their condition

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