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Weekend Warriors MMA - Master the Cage in Pro MMA Action

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Weekend Warriors Mma On Pc

Weekend Warriors MMA

Developer: MDickie

Category: Sports


Weekend Warriors MMA by MDickie is an exciting MMA game that takes the immersive experience of wrestling and applies it to the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This game boasts a roster of 300 powerful fighters spanning across five promotions and 5 challenging weight classes, offering players a diverse and challenging array of opponents. Whether you aspire to climb the ranks as a ranked fighter or take on the role of a promoter, this game has something for everyone.

Masterful MMA Strategy & Career Freedom in Weekend Warriors MMA Pro

One of the standout features of Weekend Warriors MMA is its revamped control system designed specifically for MMA gameplay. Players have precise control over every move, making it a game of strategy and skill as much as it is about brute force. The depth of strategy involved in MMA is beautifully captured, turning the matches into a game of human chess.

For those looking to experience this MMA fighting game to its fullest, there’s the option to upgrade to the “Pro” version, which can unlock the career mode without any limitations. This means you can start your career from any position, anywhere in the game. Additionally, the “Backstage Pass” offers the opportunity to save your changes to all 300 powerful fighters and arrange dream bouts between them, giving you complete control over the game’s roster and matchups.

Intuitive Controls & Customizable Rules

The controls in Weekend Warriors MMA are intuitive and accessible, with an interactive tutorial to help players get started. Players can use cursors for movement, utilize strikes with different directions for high and low attacks, and execute powerful attacks with combinations. Grappling, transitions, counters, and blocks are all part of the arsenal, allowing for diverse combat strategies. The game also adds a unique touch with the option for taunting, pinning, and even taking on referee duties.

Furthermore, this wrestling game offers an exciting twist by allowing players to customize the rules to their liking. Whether you prefer traditional 1-on-1 fights or want to spice things up with ridiculous contests involving up to 10 fighters, the choice is yours.

Weekend Warriors MMA Game Features

  • Weekend Warriors MMA by MDickie
  • 300 fighters in 5 challenging weight classes and 5 promotions
  • Play as a fighter or promoter
  • Revamped MMA control system
  • Upgrade to “Pro” for full career mode access
  • “Backstage Pass” for customizing and arranging fights
  • Intuitive controls with interactive tutorial
  • Customize rules for 1-on-1 or up to 10 fighters
  • Dive into the world of MMA strategy and skill

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