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Alchademy - Create Magical Ingredients by Combining Mixtures

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Developer: HyperBeard

Category: Simulation


Are you familiar with the art of alchemy? Do you love creating something by mixing different things? If you are this kind of person, then Alchademy is the right game for you. Explore the game where you can create amazing things by mixing spooky ingredients.

Mixing Potions & Wait For The Results

The central focus of Alchademy is on creating another ingredient from another mixture of ingredients. This game does not intimidate you with its game title, where secretive magic is implied. You just need to follow the instructions and execute them on your screen. These instructions are easy to follow without giving you a headache. You just have to pick the set of ingredients and wait for the results in seconds.

In the game, you need to choose the exact ingredients to attain the desired result. There is a cauldron where you can cook all of the ingredients. Sometimes, the cooking can result in something you did not expect. For example, a wrong combination of ingredients created a mound but do not be disappointed. If the mixture fails, you can still repeat the process until you get your desired result. On the other hand, you can use the mound in obtaining coins when it reaches the exact quantity.

Alchademy Game Ingredients & Possible Mixtures

The only challenging aspect of playing Alchademy is that this game has an exhaustive list of possible mixtures. But you don’t need to worry as you will do this in sequence. At first, you can use three basic ingredients, the Fire Blood, Weed Lips, and Orc Berries. You only need to take two ingredients from these basic ingredients to create mixtures. Then, these will formulate newer potions that will help you produce more creations.

Earning the Useful Coins

As you progress in the Alchademy, coins become your major resources. You can easily obtain these coins by following the instructions carefully. You can use these coins to boost the waiting time and unlock the hourglass to speed up the process of mixing the ingredients. But, this is only possible if you collected 500 coins, so strictly follow the mixture instructions to get more coins.

In addition, you can also obtain coins in Alchademy by sharing your mixtures on different social media platforms. All you have to do is click the share button below, then you will get instant 100 coins. You may also watch 30-second video ads that you can find at the bottom part of the screen. It is visible when the alchemist or druid stirs the cauldron. Watching ads only gives you a random amount of coins, but these will still add to your existing coins.

Key Alchademy Game Features That You Should Know

  • Mix specific ingredients to create a new ingredient
  • A long list of possible mixtures
  • Use coins to speed up the mixing process
  • Easy gameplay that does not eat up your mental energy
  • Spooky graphics that adds up the intensity of waiting for the result
  • The wrong combination of ingredients results in funny creations

Play Alchademy on PC and enjoy the experience of being a virtual alchemist or droid. If you are interested in simulation games, there are plenty of them here in EmulatorPC. You can try Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls and Potion Punch 2: Cooking Quest. These games are free to play and are available to download directly to your PC.

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