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Animal Jam: Play This Fun Free-to-Play Collection RPG

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Animal Jam

Developer: WildWorks

Category: Educational


Animal Jam is a game that takes you on the wild side of creatures where they freely roam around the world of Jaama. This is a land where no human can be the master of creatures and no superior predators that name themselves as the apex. However, you are entrusted as the master of every pet that you can find! Play Animal Jam on PC and experience a new and furry kind of collecting digital creatures. Download this game for free here at EmulatorPC.

A Biosphere of Animal Collection

Animal Jam is all about collecting as many pets as you want. There are over hundreds of animals to earn all over Jaama. And, best of all, you can play games, explore, and join them on a broad adventure! Moreover, this kids game is also home to fashion designs and collectible items. After all, what’s a collection game without having to personalize your rewards? Customize your animals from head to toe and make them the star of everyone’s attention. Go to bazaars to shop for clothes, decorations, and accessories.

As you travel along Jaama, you get to meet new friends along the way, both NPCs and organic players. Moreover, this fun game also lets you crossplay with both mobile players and emulator players too. This broadens the number of players in a server that you are on.

Socialize & Accessorize

In this exciting game, you can chat with animal buddies from land, sea, and air and get to visit their habitats. Not only do you get to meet people, but the game is also an educational tool about real-life animals. Every time you visit a biosphere, an in-game encyclopedia shows real facts about the species along with their habitats.

And, to make the game feel more like home, you can also own a den for your pets. Customize their den however you like, and see your pets light up their faces. You can also collect various items that you can add to your den as long as you have the currency for them. Oh, and there are some cool limited events, too, that you might want to participate in.

Learn How to Play This RPG

There’s so much to do in Animal Jam. If you play it on the PC, you just need to use your mouse to do various activities. Since it is more of a point-and-click game, controls will not be an issue. Usually, what you will do is play different minigames like Pest Control, Block Break, and Fast Foodies, customize your den, and go on an adventure!

Remember to keep on logging in to the game and participate in limited-time events to get plenty of coins and exclusive freebies.

Game Features You’ll Enjoy

  • Highly interactive and sociable
  • Great variety of animals
  • Limitless customization
  • Create your own den
  • A large interactive 3D world

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