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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Developer: Goodgame Studios

Category: Casual


What makes a paradise? For some people who are tired of city life, paradise brings them inner peace and quietness. It is where a natural breeze replaces normal city air with a warm feeling around the environment. For instance, at night, a paradise brings cooler air which you can fully enjoy with your loved ones and even contemplate life.

This paradise is located somewhere far yet accessible. There are no towering buildings as proud mountains and tall mature trees occupy them. There are more things that people would want to expect when they have their paradise. But, for those who want to create their fantasy virtually, why not play a game that can help you reach your paradise? Discover and play Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game PC! It’s one of the best games to try whenever you want to explore the farming side!

For those who have hangovers when it comes to farming games, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game Download brings you the ultimate farming play! You can plant all kinds of crops and vegetables. Or, harvest them and use them to create more products or outright trade them!

How to Play Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

The premise of the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game PC begins when you inherited a piece of land from a certain Uncle George. Left with soil to till, you decided to build a farm with a bit of land and a few rows of crops. As you know, all great things start small. Being resourceful, you will now begin a journey to creating the best farmland in the village that will cater to their fresh produce. It is up to you to plant, harvest and sell these crops and vegetables to your advantage.

Every farm has a farmhouse; as you slowly build your farm to the ground up, you can also choose to upgrade your farmhouse. This will house all your harvest, and expanding the capacity and making it even bigger will house more products. Housing products if you are not yet ready to sell is always wise. This way, you have the time to store more products and decide what to sell later on.

Apart from planting and upgrading your farmhouse, you can also start building your stables and other farm animal houses. This will allow you to produce more livestock as well as dairy products. You know the farm will not be complete without these adorable creatures that make the world go round.

The good thing is, you do not see them getting their fate from a slaughterhouse in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game Game. That will be a big Yikes! Besides, there are more things that you can honestly expect from the game. Download all the game here for free to know more details all around!

Game Features

    • Non-stop farming activities to keep you busy
    • Easy drag and drop mechanics
    • Farming events to keep villagers happy
    • Special quests to take you off farming
  • Coop feature to meet the farmer geeks around the world!

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