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Harvest Master Free Full Version

Harvest Master: Farm Sim Free

Developer: RhinoGearz

Category: Simulation


If you are one of the million gamers that see simulation games as fun and exciting, then you should not miss adding Harvest Master Farm Sim Free to your games list. This farm simulator depicts a beautiful story of a character who inherited a farm from his uncle, who recently passed away.

Published by RhinoGearz, Harvest Master is a game that requires you to unleash your best management skills to earn money from the farm in order to pay back the business tyrant who your uncle accumulated huge debts.

Your Journey as a Harvest Master

Like a typical farming simulator, you will have to manage your crops and livestock in order to earn money. In the Harvest Master game, your focus is to earn more money by managing the farm. To make your goal more possible, you need to interact with other villagers and form various friendships. As you begin the game, you need to choose either a male or female character. Once you’ve selected the gender of your character, you need to start undertaking your mission, plant crops, and raise livestock. In Harvest Master Farm Sim free, there are four seasons to take, and each season depicts a different selection of crops that needs to be grown.

Aside from your crops, you can also raise various types of animals like sheep, cows, and chickens. There are also different festivals to participate in which can give you a chance to earn more money. There are Animal and Crop festivals to choose from. Also, you can try mining and opt for different gems and ores like gold, diamonds, and silver. You can use the mentioned ores by crafting a better tool at the blacksmith. You can also relax for a while at the pier and go fishing.

Friends to Lovers?

In the Harvest Master game, you will also be tasked to form interactions with various villagers in your place. From there, you can establish friendships, and soon build mutual relationships and get married to one of the marriageable villagers. Regardless of your gender, you will get three love interests. As you continue playing, you will see some scenes where you are setting up friendships, dating, or getting married. Your destined bachelorette or bachelor depends on your choice; you can either propose to him or her or the way around.

You can also expand your choices by adding bachelorettes or bachelors through paid version. But, as for the free version, you can get a chance to marry any of the three bachelorettes, namely Lenna, Vanessa, and Rachel. As for bachelor, you can choose from Jacob, Malcolm, and Kyle. So, are you ready to embark on your exciting journey in this farm game and become the Harvest Master? Well, let’s see what you’ve got! Play the game now!

Game Features

  • An entertaining farm life simulation game
  • Get a chance to play as a female or male farmer
  • Grow crops according to four seasons and raise livestock
  • Establish friendships, start dating, and get married
  • Choose from 6 marriageable villagers
  • Collect ores and gems through mining to build better tools
  • Go fishing at the pier

Get thrilled planting your crops and find your one true love in Harvest Master now! For more simulation games, you can try other fun and exciting games like Dragonscapes Adventure and Tap Tycoon right on your PC. To get a broad list of these games, you can check them here at EmulatorPC.

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