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Wild West Farm - Build Your Desired Wild West Farm & Town

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Wild West New Frontier Free Full Version

Wild West: Farm Town Build

Developer: Social Quantum Ltd

Category: Simulation


Wild West Farm by Social Quantum Ltd is a thrilling adventure simulation game that takes you on a journey to the world of farming simulator games. As a farmer, you begin with a blank canvas of land, and your ultimate objective is to establish a thriving farm that will captivate everyone’s attention. Your mission is to accumulate ranching expertise and extend your boundaries, allowing you to collect an abundance of resources, manufacture diverse western-themed goods, and cultivate charming animals, resulting in an idyllic simulation of a tranquil rural existence.

Create Your Dream Ranch & Build a Thriving Town

Experience the peaceful allure of country life in a serene location with breathtaking views of a meandering river in Wild West New Frontier. After that, unleash your creativity and construct the ranch of your wildest dreams with an array of buildings and decorations. Cultivate a diverse range of crops and raise adorable farm animals for a thrilling ranching adventure. So step into the shoes of a real cowboy and take on the Wild West!

As you progress through the levels of Wild West: Farm Town Build, you can expand your horizons by erecting a school, theater, hotel, saloon, hospital, and city hall, transforming your farm into a bustling town. Watch your population grow, engage in trade with neighboring towns, and construct the city of your dreams. You could even become an accomplished mayor!

Start by stocking your farm zoo with delightful cows and pigs and gradually unlock a plethora of other charming animals, including goats, sheep, geese, and many more. Don’t forget to add pets such as dogs and puppies, cats and kittens. Plus, there are even various breeds of bunnies to your personal farm zoo.

Boost Your Farm Production & Compete in the Neighborhood Race in Wild West Farm

In addition, the game features a production system that enables you to erect farm workshops such as the Dairy, Summer Kitchen, Grill, Mill, Stove, Coffee Bar, and a host of other workshops, allowing you to manufacture a range of essential commodities and merchandise. Restore your dock to unlock the island, where you can partake in a fishing mini-game and uncover the treasures hidden beneath the water’s surface.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock more supplies and become richer! Additionally, you can also establish a railway platform. It enables you to send trains loaded with your products to other players’ farms and earn valuable rewards and experiences.

Plus, you can accelerate your progress by completing tasks on the order board. For daring players, there are fast-paced farm games to compete in. One example is the Neighborhood Race. Participate in the Neighborhood Race and demonstrate that your farming family is the most exceptional in the west. So rack up high scores and race through the farm games to win fantastic prizes and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Enthralling Wild West Online Game Features

  • Build and design your own prosperous farm in the Wild West
  • Cultivate a variety of crops and rear a plethora of farm animals
  • Expand your farm by building a town with schools, theaters, hotels, and more
  • Unlock a variety of animals for your farm zoo, including pets like dogs and cats
  • Build farm workshops to create useful goods and products
  • Repair your dock to unlock an island with a fishing mini-game to discover treasures
  • Send trains filled with your goods to other players’ farms to earn rewards and experience
  • Compete in fast-paced farm games of the Neighborhood Race to win prizes and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the Wild West with Wild West Farm by Social Quantum Ltd! With the fishing mini-game on the island and the fast-paced farm games of the Neighborhood Race, the game is never boring.  So play this New Frontier game on PC. Then, discover similar simulation games in EmulatorPC like Taonga Island Adventure Farm and Spring Valley: Farm Quest Game. Overall, don’t miss out on the excitement, start playing now!

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