7 Best Word Puzzle Games Online to Test Your Vocabulary Skills

Posted on November 15, 2022
7 Best Word Puzzle Games Online

Whenever you feel bored or wish to relax for a while, playing word puzzle games online is a great option to relieve yourself yet can hone your vocabulary skills as well. Games under this genre are known to have engaging yet challenging gameplay that can totally test your lexicon skills.

What is more impressive about playing Word Puzzle Games Online is that it helps your brain to focus more, and increases your memory and cognitive skills. There are loads of available word puzzle games that you can choose to play right now. But, the question is, which titles are worth being part of your device? Let the list of Word Puzzle Games Online help you out.

What are the Best Word Puzzle Games Online?

Here is the list of best Word Puzzle Games Online you shouldn’t miss having on your device now;

1. Wordscapes

Starting off the list of best Word Puzzle Games Online is PeopleFun’s Wordscapes. In this word search game, you need to connect random letters to form a word that can fill out the crossword puzzle given. The longer the word you’ve achieved, the higher your score.

What’s more impressive about Wordscapes is that it offers breathtaking backgrounds or themes that are soothing to your eyes. It also offers useful hints that you can use when you feel stuck. These hints are not for free as you need to spend your hard-earned coins.
Wordscapes For Pc


2. Words With Friends 2

If you think your vocabulary skills are enough to solve any kind of crossword puzzle, then you must play Word With Friends 2 by Zynga. In this word game, you’ll play it like how you play the classic scrabble. You can choose to play against the smart AI of the game or with other players around the world.

There are loads of game modes available in Word With Friends 2, which vary in various ways like scoring, gameplay, and more. To see if your vocabulary skills are strong enough, then let your standing in the leaderboards speak for yourself. Try your best to earn more points and achieve a high rank.

Words With Friends 2

Image Source: Words With Friends 2


3. Word Trip

If you’re the type of player who loves solving Word Puzzle Games Online and traveling, then you must not miss having a spot for PlaySimple Games’ Word Trip. Like the usual word games you’ve known, this game enables you to solve crossword puzzles by connecting various letters to form a word.

But, what sets Word Trip apart from the regular word games you’ve known is that it takes you to different countries each time you solve a certain crossword puzzle. Instead of unlocking themes, you’ll get a chance to view a particular country every time you advance in this game. There are 178 countries to anticipate and your first stop will be in France.
Word Trip Download Full Version


4. Scrabble Go – New Word Game

If you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate Scrabble player, then you better show off what you’ve got by playing Scrabble Go by Scopely. This word game shares the same gameplay as everyone’s favorite board game and it lets you play against various players around the world.

To fully test your vocabulary abilities, there are lots of game modes available in Scrabble Go. What makes this game more challenging is that it doesn’t feature any hints or power boosters that can help you when you stuck. All you have in this game are your skills and strategies.


5. Words Against Humanity

Another title that joins the roster of best Word Puzzle Games Online is Words Against Humanity by Appvertising. It’s a word game that lets you play with your family and friends. If you’re familiar with the Cards Against Humanity game, you’ll surely figure out how to play this game. However, it has a faster approach.

In Words Against Humanity, you’ll be playing against six players, and your main goal is to have the most significant laughing stock. Depending on how you combine the words, your group will reward you with 5, 10, or 15 points. The player who got the best combination of words and the highest points will conquer the game.
Words Against Humanity


6. CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

Another crossword puzzle game that will test your lexicon skills is CodyCross by Fanatee. This word game is not similar to the usual crossword puzzles you’ve known before. Aside from the word puzzles, it features attractive characters, environments, worlds, themes, and many more.

In this game, you’ll be solving crossword puzzles with the charming alien named CodyCross and together you’ll travel space while solving various brain games. At each level, you’ll immerse in a new world and there are loads of puzzles awaits for you to solve.


7. Word Slide – Word Games

To complete our list of Word Puzzle Games Online is the Word Slide – Word Games. As the title suggests, you are tasked to slide random letters connecting them to form a word. If you’re familiar with how to play the usual word puzzles, you’ll surely know how to play this one.

What makes this word game stands out among other titles is it features various nature-themed worlds that make the game more relaxing. It also provides weekly updates which means, your journey is endless and it can help you to hone your vocabulary as well.
Word Slide For Pc


Play the Best Word Puzzle Games Online!

So that ends our list of best word puzzle games online. We hope that this top list helps you decide on which game you’ll play during your free time or when you feel bored or stressed. Are you looking for more exciting word games you can play online? See what we have here in EmulatorPC.

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