7 Westland Survival Tips to Survive & Beat Your Enemies Effectively

Posted on November 19, 2022
7 Westland Survival Tips

Westland Survival is one of the best survival adventure MMORPGs you must not miss playing today. If you’re looking for a game that can totally test your survival skills, you must consider having this game on your list. It is a western-style survival game asking you to play the role of a lone neophyte hero. So you might need some Westland Survival Tips to survive the Wild West.

As a lone ranger in Westland Survival, you must fight loads of bandits and explore desolate environments filled with surprises and menaces. Aside from dealing the enemies and bounties, it is also your job to maintain your shelter and improve and protect it against enemies. In addition, you must also hunt animals and collect necessary resources.

Upon knowing the primary missions you need to do in Westland Survival, you’ll surely find yourself overwhelmed and confused about what to prioritize first. To help you progress in this game, let this list of Westland Survival Tips help you learn how to play this game effectively and beat your opponents as well.

What are the Westland Survival Tips?

Here are the Westland Survival Tips and strategies you can use to play the survival adventure game more efficiently;

1. Prioritize the Story Quests

In Westland Survival, you can freely explore the game in any way you want. However, if you wish to understand and play the game better, investing more time in the story quests will be best. These quests can also help you obtain significant rewards like gears, basic materials, and experience points as well.

Take note that story quests are made in sequential order, and you’ll do loads of traveling, exploration, and discovery. To fasten your traveling time, it will be best to access the “Track Quest” and quickly go to the locations or people needed for your quest.


2. Organize Your Shelter

Aside from prioritizing the story quests, don’t forget to ensure that your shelter is organized and clean all the time. Make sure that there are no unwanted trees, rocks, or anything that makes it look unorganized. Fixing and improvements in your shelter are endless.

Upon reaching your home in Westland Survival, you need to familiarize yourself with the necessary resources and tools you’ll be using in your shelter. To know more about improving your shelter, you can access the Hammer and Saw icon, and see multiple structures, equipment, or furniture suitable for your shelter.

Westland Harvest


3. Manage Your Inventory

As you take your quests in Westland Survival, you’ll surely find yourself looting loads of items along the way. It can be a form of boulders, trees, and animals. Unfortunately, there’s no means to loot everything unless you raise the limitations of your inventory.

As you’re only set with a limited inventory, it will be best if you manage your inventory by prioritizing the useful ones that you can utilize in each of your adventures. If you’re new to this game, bringing “basic items” like food and water is highly recommended. In addition, you can also opt for healing items and weapons to fight enemies.

Westland Inventory


4. Don’t Let Your Character Die

As you progress in Westland Survival, you can’t avoid inconveniences like food and water shortages and loss of valuable resources and time. Take note that once your character dies, all of your items, gears, and weapons will be gone in this game. However, you can still retrieve your items by returning to the same spot where you died.

Though retrieving your items sounds easy, the truth is it is very complicated as you need to travel from one location to another just to get your item back. To avoid doing this, you need to ensure that your character remains alive and try to figure out how to prevent the shortages.

5. Make Your Production Active

In Westland Survival, you must upgrade your workstations to accommodate more items to craft. Take note that replenishing your items in this game takes time, and it will be more strategic if you furnish more slots to craft more items.

It will be best to upgrade your workstations, especially since you don’t have much to do when doing some quests and adventures. Before immersing in quests or adventures, it will be best to set your items on the queue or opt for upgrades.


6. Don’t Miss the Events

As you progress in Westland Survival and reach the global map, it will be best if you save some energy for exciting events. You can choose to run or walk. It will be best if you run to reach the event faster, but you need some energy to play the events. Immersing in events can reward you with valuable items like guns, nails, skins, and more.

Westland Events


7. Don’t Miss the Freebies

Another useful Westland Survival Tip you should not miss are the exciting freebies. You can get these freebies in the shop tab. From there, you need to watch a short video advertisement and get an awesome free item in return. You can get the item by accessing your storage.

Learn from the Westland Survival Tips Above

So, there you have it! We hope these Westland Survival tips help you progress in this fascinating adventure game. For more exciting updates and information about this awesome MMORPG, stay in the loop here at EmulatorPC.

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