Blood in Roses – Spade Walkthrough for First Three Chapters

Posted on August 27, 2022
Blood In Roses First Three Chapters

Otome games are always a hot topic for female anime lovers with intimate personalities. One of these games which are known by many is Blood in Roses: Otome Game. This adventure game boasts a dating concept that anyone would like. If you are already a fan of anime and interested in a dating game, then give this game a try. Along the way, you will be fascinated by the mystery of the storyline that this game will show.

Blood in Roses introduces you to many characters, each has its walkthrough. In this article, we will focus on the storyline of one character named Violet. In the game, she is portrayed as a beautiful woman who is protected in a hotel by a cat. This cat is named Spade and can sense things like a human.

Since he is a cat, Violet never suspects him to be more interesting. That is where the walkthrough leads you to adventures. In this article, we only give you a glimpse of the first three chapters.

Even though this is just a storyline, you need to be attentive to the instructions you will encounter in the game. This only serves you as a course of playing the game step by step as if it’s a story. So without further ado, let us explore the overview of what happens in each of these chapters.

Chapter 1

Here’s how the chapter goes;

Day 1

In this chapter, you will see Violet in a hotel with a cat named Spade. The surrounding is silent and there is no anticipation of what will come. Then suddenly, the door bursts open. It happens that there is an unknown man who opens it forcefully.

Behind him are the men who look like vampires. They are Alfred and Rupert, who assists Raymond to kidnap Violet. There is a commotion that happens but then, the cat comes to the rescue.
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At first, Spade wants to bite Alfred. Using his fur to intimidate Alfred, the men decided to stop what they want to do. They explained that the reason they are coming is that they had already met Violet days ago.

One of these men even threatens to bite Violet during that day. It only implies that they are vampires and need to be avoided. To Rupert’s surprise, Spade jumped and scratches him so he will not proceed with his evil plans. With disappointment and fear about why this cat is so brave, they leave the room.

Day 2

To make Violet safe, Spade brings her into another room. This is to prevent the evil men to kidnap her without her knowledge. Violet safely sleeps in that room that night and then there comes another day. Violet is still confused about what happens to her in the last few days.

Worried, Spade tells her about the stories that relate him to her. This makes Violet more curious and asks more questions. Simplifying what happens, Spade keeps silent about answering vital questions. The right day needs to wait. After that brief chitchat, Violet falls into a deep sleep.

Chapter 2

Here’s how the chapter runs;

The Chase

This chapter starts with Violet waking up from her deep sleep. He tells Spade about her strange dream that brings her to this mysterious man. She has no idea who is this man. All she remembers is that there is a dark forest where she meets him.

Avoiding the conversation, Spade tells Violet that they need to escape. Violet then agrees and they are about on their way. They didn’t expect that they will meet Rupert outside the room.
Bloods In Roses Part 2

There is a commotion that happens and this frightens Violet so much. Unexpectedly, a man with a black suit comes and grabs Violet’s hand. They run to escape the evil vampire who is about to kidnap Violet.

Luckily, they reached outside where the sun can burn the vampire’s body. Afraid, Rupert stopped to avoid the rays of the sun. Violet is then safe again.

Here Comes Another Threat

In the garden, Violet sensed that he is alone again. He is about to thank the man in a suit but it disappears abruptly. Then, another man appears suddenly and introduces his name as Jack.

He seems like a threat, as Violet sees that he said unpleasant things to her. But that chitchat is only short for Jack has the sense that Violet is not just alone. He then left Violet to avoid trouble and Violet is alone again.

Violet then comes to a creepy deep forest. Little did she know, the forest is home to dangerous monsters. Afraid, Violet is shaking and afraid. She doesn’t realize that there is a man that comes to save her. She recognized it quickly as a man from her dreams.

It seems that she is not wrong. The man saves him from the dangerous forest. It feels romantic but curiosity prevails in Violet’s mind. Who is this mysterious man?

Chapter 3

The moment of truth is about to unveil but the man is still silent. Violet keeps asking him who he is. No answer seems to come and reveal what mystery is in this man’s mien. Then, Humphrey comes to the scene and brings the two to his hotel room. There, the story begins with who Spade is, and why the vampires keep on kidnaping Violet.

The man with the black suit reveals that he, in reality, is the cat named Spade. He even shows to Violet his form as a cat and then returns in a human form after. Even more interesting is that Humphrey reveals that Violet is a descendant of Tatiana. In the past, the agreement has been made and it does not come to fruition.
Bloods In Roses Part 1

The undone agreement is between Tatiana and Harold, creating a curse that leads to what is currently happening to Violet. Other revelations come into a clearer picture as Humphrey explains to Violet who she is. Upon hearing these revelations, Violent faints and wakes up later. Worried, Spade assures Violet that all is well and there is no need to worry. Violet then backs to sleep again, and the story continues.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a clue about the first three chapters, it’s time to play Blood in Roses. This game is free to download and play directly on your PC. For more updates about this game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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