Lord of Heroes Review – Play as a Monarch In this Anime RPG

Posted on November 21, 2021
Lord Of Heores Review Play As A Monarch

Anime-inspired RPGs have been popping up like mushrooms in 2020. Most of these games come with well-written lore, highly detailed anime design, and a freemium structure. Not to mention that almost all of these games, especially those with waifu themes, also come with Gacha mechanics.

The surge in popularity of these types of games is making the Anime RPG category sort of mediocre due to the similarities in the main gameplay and overall mechanics. It’s safe to say that if you played one of these anime-themed RPGs then you have played them all.

With that said, there is one particular title launched in 2020 that promises to provide a new type of experience to players. That game is Lord of Heroes from South Korea-based video game development studio, Clover Games. With that in mind, we took the time to check out what this monarch-themed anime RPG has to offer.

The Monarchy Is Yours

Lord of Heroes comes with immersive lore set in the mythical kingdom of Avillion. Right off the bat, the game will unleash one of its unique elements. This involves establishing the player’s role in the monarchy. More than just a fancy title, Lord of Heroes makes the player feel like a powerful and rich monarch from the start. Unlike most anime RPGs where players start as a hero in training, players in this game begin as a full-fledged monarch. As such, you’ll be in charge of a whole kingdom.

From overconfident and commanding dialogues to a total command in battle, Lord of Heroes provides a near-authentic feel of power-wielding. As for the lore, the game provides enough freedom for the player to make decisions and execute commands among subjects.

A Sight For Sore Eyes

Another attribute that makes Lord of Heroes unique is the audio-visual element and overall presentation. For starters, the game is built like an episodic anime franchise complete with memorable characters that play a key role in the game. Each character, structure, NPC, enemy, and the entire interface design is bursting with details making each scene as authentic as possible. On top of brilliantly drawn elements are the stunning visual effects that result in exciting edge-of-your-seat battles every time. The game also features professional voice actors to further intensify the anime authenticity.

Lord of Heroes PC

As awesome as the entire gameplay presentation may look, Lord of Heroes comes with its own flaws. One example is the shallow customization options. Players can still customize their characters but not that in-depth. Other than that, Lord of Heroes is definitely a sight for sore eyes especially for those who are looking for a new type of experience.

Command Knights in Epic Battles

Lord of Heroes comes with a turn-based battle system similar to the iconic RPGs of the 90s. As a monarch, the player’s role is to stand on the sidelines and execute commands towards knights. Speaking of knights, the game features a diverse roster each equipped with unique skills and abilities. Players can also enhance each knight and customize their outfits and weapons.

Battles or encounters in the game are pretty basic and manageable even for those who have yet to play an RPGs. The turn-based mechanics along with its wait system provide players more than enough time to plan their next attack. As for the attacks, each hero comes with both basic and special attacks complete with a stamina meter.

From a deconstructed perspective, Lord of Heroes sounds and looks like an entirely different game. Nevertheless, once you combine all of the aforementioned elements and mechanics, you will notice a familiar experience unless it’s your first time playing this type of game.

In a Nutshell…

Lord of Heroes is a solid game that is wrapped in brilliant anime art, stunning graphics, and authentic audio. The developers did an awesome job in attempting to make the entire game feel like an episodic anime franchise.

Each action-packed battle comes packed with jaw-dropping special effects that fill the entire screen. The mildly-disappointing customization options are compensated by a roster of diverse heroes each with its own memorable feature. As impressive as the game elements may look, the entire concept is, for the most part, the same as the others. In other words, the game provides a familiar experience in a different setting.

Play Lord of Heroes on PC

If you want an enhanced Lord of Heroes experience, the best thing that you can do is play the game on a bigger screen. The best way to do that is through your computer. With that said, feel free to check out Lord of Heroes here in EmulatorPC!

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