Clash of Clans Scenery – Player’s Basic Guide on How to Change the Scenery

Posted on December 8, 2021
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Published by Supercell, Clash of Clans is one of the most prominent strategy games nowadays. Through its engaging and immersive gameplay, it is no wonder that this game reached millions of downloads and massive fans worldwide. In this game, players join millions of other players as they create their own village, clan formation, and participate in infinite Clan Wars.

Additionally, players can also explore the game by modifying and decorating their villages through the scenery. This feature was added to Clash of Clans last year, along with other fantastic features. Now, let’s focus more on how to change the scenery in COC by following this short guide.

How to Change Scenery in Clash of Clans?

Before you start changing the scenery of your game, you need to ensure that you have already bought sceneries from the in-game shop. Take note that Clash of Clans Sceneries is not free-to-play friendly, and you need to spend $6.99 per scenery So, you better be ready to take some cash out of your pocket if you want to experience new sceneries.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall

Once you confirm that you have Scenery, you proceed to your main village and find your Town Hall. From there, click the Town Hall and it will give you four options; the information, magic items, upgrade, and change scenery. Selecting the “change scenery” option will lead you to the sceneries you purchased and own. Then, choose the scenery you wish to use and finally confirm it with the “Select” button to change your scenery in COC.

Available Clash of Clans Sceneries

As of now, there are three available sceneries in Clash of Clans you can consider buying.

Clashy Constructs Scenery

This scenery shows a pine forest with mines and structures encompassing the entire village. It stands out because of its waterfall and the dock. It was set last June 2020 and cost USD 6.99.

Clash Of Clans Clashy Constructs

If you’re aiming for a normal look and classic, then this one is for you. Get it for a better gameplay and scenery on your screens!

Pirate Scenery

It is a tropical area scenery surrounded by various water bodies, a distinguished castle, and a beach settlement. If you will check out this scenery now, the waterfall cliff has a huge skull-like cove. Sometimes, you can see some Hammerhead sharks in the Lagoon.

Clash Of Clans Pirate Scenery

This scenery was added to the Scenery options last November 2020, and you can have this scenery for only $6.99. This purchase also includes 2 million Gold and Elixir. A good deal, right? You better consider buying this one.

Epic Winter Scenery

If you are someone who immensely loves winter, you can transform your default COC scenery with Epic Winter Scenery. Here, you will witness a snowy area with a cave made with snow on one side.

Clash Of Clans Epic Winter Scenery

Also, there is a tiny pine forest throughout the cliff on top of purple mist. On either side of a bridge, there are two huge Barbarian King statues placed. Now, the waterfall is by the dark castle in the mountains. Like the previous scenery, you can have this scenery for $6.99 and include 2 million Gold and Elixir.

9th Clashiversary Scenery

This scenery depicts a party-inspired atmosphere located in the pine forest. As you access this scenery, you will notice that the top corners feature awesome themes adding to the party vibe. On the top left side, you will see a skeleton performing on a blazing lava-themed stage.

Clash Of Clans 9th Clashiversary

On the other side, you will see a giant Barbarian head and Party Wizards enjoying the goblin-themed stage. While on the bottom left part, you will see a carnival with P.E.K.K.A burning effigy and Ferris wheel. Like the other sceneries, you can have this for only $6.99, and it includes 2.5 million Gold and Elixir.

Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery

Added last October 2021, this scenery depicts a shadowy atmosphere with a spooky vibe graveyard. Like the Clashiversary Scenery, this one also shows unique features making the background more distinct.

On the top-right corner, there is a vast pumpkin next to the waterfall. At the right is a scary cave where you can access tiny huts and some cauldrons. Also, at the bottom-right corner, there are various buildings and pumpkins placed with a foggy effect. And, on its left, you will see a boat with jack-o-lanterns. You can have this scenery for $6.99 which also includes 2.5 million Gold and Elixir.

Clash Of Clans Pumpkin Graveyard

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend any penny on gaming, you can still experience sceneries but not that so modified like the paid ones. In Clash of Clans, you have four free sceneries, the classic, autumn, winter, and the jungle scenery. The last option is free to unlock once your Town Hall reaches level 14.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all about Clash of Clans Scenery and how to change it on your COC. Hopefully, this guide helped you a lot in flaunting your new scenery to your friends. Can you share your COC scenery here? For more information and updates about your favorite strategy game, stay tuned here.

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