Digimon ReArise Guide – The Strongest Digimons In The Game

Posted on July 3, 2021
Digimon Rearise guide

If you’re a big fan of the Digimon franchise, then you’re likely to enjoy playing this game. It’s titled Digimon ReArise, a role-playing game that Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc publishes. In this game, a mysterious force known as Spirals is attacking. And it’s up to you to prevent them from further causing any havoc. The game follows an original story of tamer and Digimon, where they try to grow and deepen their friendship.

They use this strong bond to try and counter the Spirals attack. In this game, you get to play the role of tamer, and your goal is to assemble a powerful lineup of Digimons to use in battle. You will need to build a relationship with them, nurture it, and help them to become stronger. Also, you will need at least 5 Digimons to use since the battle in Digimon ReArise is a 5-vs-5. You can battle against the game’s AI or against other tamers to see who has the strongest team.

There are many different Digimon available, so you’ll have plenty of options in forming your team. Of course, with plenty of options available, this also becomes a challenge to choose which Digimon to use in Digimon ReArise. Fortunately, this blog post can help you. It will provide a list of the current Digimon tiers, so you’ll see who’s currently the powerful Digimon in the game. It will help you form your team, using only the most potent Digimons.

Digimon Re-arise gameplay


The S Tier Digimon

The Digimon on this list is currently the strongest one available in the game. They’re what you might consider as overpowered (OP) characters. This means that they’re the ones that can dominate a battle and will increase your chances of winning. This also means that they’re the Digimon that you should focus most of your resources on. They need to be your priority when it comes to upgrading and developing.

It’s only natural that you do this since these S-tiers will help you win more battles. So, developing them first is a must. The strongest Digimon in the game right now is Piedmon and Creepymon. If you’re lucky enough to get these two Digimons, you need to focus on developing the first.

The A Tier Digimon

Like with any RPG, acquiring Digimon here is not a sure thing. Just because you want a particular Digimon doesn’t mean you’ll get it. This is why you’ll also need a backup or an alternative Digimon to use. So in case you don’t have any of the S-tier Digimon, you might have some A-tier Digimon. They’re also strong Digimon but not OP like the S-tiers. But they’re also a perfect alternative to use in battle.

They may not dominate matches like the S-tiers, but they can still hold their own. They’re the characters that you should try to develop next to the S-tiers that you have. It won’t be a waste to use your resources on the A-tier Digimon. There are also more A-tier Digimon, so you’ll have plenty of chances to own one.

The A-tier Digimon are Gankoomon, Mega Gorgomon, Plesiomon, Minervamon, Boltmon, Metal Garurumon, and Hiandromon. You can also include Ravenmon, Machinedramon, War Greymon, and Sakuyamon on the list. They’re still strong Digimon that can help you immensely during battles.

Digimon MegaGargamon


The B Tier Digimon

Getting an S or even A-tier Digimons is excellent. Unfortunately, they’re also not that easy to get. If you don’t have any S or A-tier Digimons yet, you’ll have to settle for the B-tier Digimons. They’re not the strongest ones available, but they’re still good enough and decent enough to help get you by. But don’t expect these Digimons to be very impactful or dominant during matches.

You can also expect to struggle a bit, mainly if your team comprises only B-tier Digimons. Nevertheless, they’re still good enough to help you progress until you get your S or A-tier Digimons. For the B-tiers, there’s Ebemon, Puppetmon, Grandis Kuwagamon, Phoenixmon, Shine Greymon, Marine Angemon, Titamon, and Metal Seadramon. You can develop these Digimon a bit, but remember not to use all your resources as you want to save them for when you get S or A-tier Digimons.

The C Tier Digimon

The C-tier Digimon are the ones that you will only use if there really is no other alternative. Let’s say you need another Digimon to fill your 5-character team, and you don’t have any more A or even B-tier Digimon for it. So, this is where you can use the C-tier Digimon. But for the most part, you don’t really need to use them.

In case you don’t have any alternative, the C-tier Digimons are Rosemon and Metal Etemon. There aren’t many C-tier Digimon available, which means you don’t have to worry too much about being stuck with a lot of them. Your success in Digimon ReArise will depend significantly on your Digimon Team. The tier list provided here will help you know which characters you should focus on.

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