Girls’ Frontline Characters Leveling Up Guide – Elements to Focus On

Posted on August 22, 2022
Girls Frontline Characters Leveling Up Guide

In the turn-based strategy RPG title Girls’ Frontline, the player commands an army of Tactical Dolls, or T-Dolls, to bring peace to a world that has been ripped apart by conflict. Play a newly appointed commander to lead your Girls Frontline Characters and finish tasks. Furthermore, the game takes place in a battle future when using tactical dolls in place of people for warfare. Some T-Dolls have been converted from their previous existence as civilian androids.

The Collapse Fluid has contaminated most of the planet, making it uninhabitable, and most of humanity has already perished. In 2062, the Sangvis Ferri (SF) artificial intelligence unexpectedly rebels against humanity, slaughtering their human masters and occupying the surrounding lands with T-Dolls and robots. In retaliation, the Sangvis Ferri soldiers are sought out and defeated by the private military firm (PMC) Griffin & Kryuger (G&K); the player adopts the role of a newly promoted G&K Commander.

With that out of the way, today we will be sharing some useful tips to help you level up your T-Dolls faster. So, without further ado, let’s jump right on it.


Some Tips to Level Up Your Girls Frontline Characters

Check out some useful tips you might want to use as you play Girls Frontline.

Know your Weapons

Girls’ Frontline offers you a wide variety of weapons to pick from. So similar to other action strategy games your final decision will be influenced by the circumstances you encounter while playing. There are several major weapon classes from which to choose, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, making the right choice for your T Dolls depends heavily on these considerations. Having your T-Dolls equipped with the proper weapons will be beneficial to your progress.

Knowing the functions of your weapons is also another way to fast-track your progression in the game. With that said, check out our brief description of each weapon below.

1. Rifles

Rifles, also known as RFs in the armory area, are one of the game’s top DPS (Damage Per Second) inflicting weapons that let you engage in both long- and short-range combat. The back lines are always the first targets for rifles. Therefore for greatest efficacy, arm the T Dolls in the middle of the formation with these weapons. When you unlock them, you can attach armor-piercing shells as an add-on, which is one of this weapon class’s strongest advantages.

Armor-piercing shells are incredibly effective, especially in the latter levels when you’ll be fighting mostly well-armored higher-level adversaries. Additionally, take note that rifles fall under the category of Low Firing Rate High Damage Weapons. So it implies that because of their low fire rate, they are better at taking down a single enemy rather than a group of targets at once. When equipping your T Dolls, keep in mind that rifles work best when combined with handguns because they are excellent allies.

2. Handguns

Handguns are a supporting class of weaponry in Girls’ Frontline and are significant in their own right. They can function as dodge tanks once some of the exceptionally high evasion guns are unlocked at the upper tiers. Then, while you’re shooting the opponent down, you can use them to deflect the majority of the damage that they deal. The synergy that pistols have with most weapon classes is another advantage of employing them in your T Doll squad. Therefore, regardless of the circumstance, you must send at least one pistol to each squad as their advantages greatly outweigh their drawbacks.

3. Assault Rifles

With numerous additional and complex features at your disposal, another significant category of weapons is essentially an expansion of the rifle category. These weapons belong to the DPS category weapons and excel at dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. In addition, these are known as the AR class inside the armory. And to counter accuracy penalties in low-light combat conditions, this class of weaponry also allows the addition of accessories like night vision scopes.

It’s important to keep in mind that Assault Rifle users will prioritize the front-line enemies before moving on to the back-line opponents. As a result, bear this in mind when planning your formations before combat. Compared to rifles, assault rifles shoot at a somewhat faster rate, but they also have less firepower. Thus, it’s a crucial consideration while choosing combat formations. The efficacy of both submachine guns and assault rifles is greatly increased by one another.

Girls Frontline Characters


4. Machine Guns

Machine guns are the type of weapons in Girls’ Frontline that deals the most damage. If utilized properly, it can absolutely obliterate each and every adversary in front of you. Similar to rifles, machine guns can be fitted with armor-piercing ammunition in order to combat challenging armored foes.

The main drawback to this incredible type of weapon is its rather long reload times, which make it challenging to kill highly evasive adversaries if your ammunition runs out before they do. Submachine Guns (SMG), which are a variant of Machine Guns and are categorized as a tank class with exceptionally high health points. These weapons are recommended to be kept towards the front of your T Doll layout to defend your back-end threat dealers and tank the majority of incoming damage.

5. Shotguns

The potent tank category of shotguns is last but definitely not least. This class of weaponry boasts extremely high health and armor, making it nearly indestructible. They lack evasion, which is understandable given the benefits the T Dolls carrying shotguns get. Buck shells are a fantastic add-on for shotguns with potential to do devastation in an area-wide effect. It’s extremely helpful whenever the number of attackers attacking you is very massive.

Due to its exclusivity to the Large Scale Construction groups, shotguns are more suited to late-game strategy and do not complement other weapon classes well.

Battle Formations

Now that you have the basic knowledge about the weapons, your next focus should be winning battles. However, it depends on coming up with the finest plans of attack and outwitting your foes. But it’s only achievable if you’re well aware of how the combat formations operate and where to position the T Dolls to guarantee optimal efficiency during battles.

You should take advantage of this feature to outgun the opposition. Each weapon class has unique tiles that, when triggered, give the guns bonuses. Moreover, it’s vital to remember that the item benefits multiply by the tile buffs before applying them.



Batteries are the primary currency in Girls’ Frontline. These are important for upgrading data, fairy, and pet rooms as well as producing combat reports. These are all significant goals that help both T Dolls and Echelons gain experience more quickly and efficiently. It will be simpler for you to acquire batteries more quickly as you advance. And when you gain authority over more dorm rooms. But the demands on your battery usage will rise exponentially. For comparison, at the latter levels, a single dorm room typically produces a battery gain of roughly 40 per day.

If improving the stats of your guns is what you’re after in Girls’ Frontline, check at the “Enhancing” option instead. Utilizing 2-star guns or enhancement pills, which you stop using in the later phases, is important to engage in enhancement. As you advance through Girls’ Frontline, drops will become increasingly scarce.

Therefore, your primary method for obtaining fresh 4- and 5-star weapons and equipment will be crafting. While constructing equipment requires Equipment Production Contracts, crafting guns requires Doll Production Contracts. Of course, you will periodically obtain these.

Level Up Your Girls Frontline Characters

Now that you’re aware of how to level up your characters, it’s time for you to play Girls’ Frontline on your PC. For more guides like this one, stay tuned only here in EmulatorPC.

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