The 5 Best Action-Packed Racing Games To Play On PC

Posted on June 25, 2021
5 racing games PC

Are you someone who likes driving fast supercars but couldn’t do it in real life? Well, you can experience the thrill and excitement that these supercars provide through racing games. These games will allow you to feel what it’s like to drive high-octane vehicles. Drifting on tight corners, and zooming past your opponents for a photo finish of the race.

It’s fun and exciting and the great thing is that many of the racing games available right now come with realistic graphics. This means that not only do you get to experience driving fast, but also a realistic feel of racing. You’ll also appreciate the realistic graphics when you look at the different vehicles available for you to acquire and use in a race. Racing games are fun, exciting, and entertaining to play, which is why they’re popular.

But since these types of games are popular, there are tons of them available to play. This makes it difficult to decide which racing games you should download and play. To help you with that, this blog post will list down five action-packed racing games you’ll enjoy playing.

Real Racing 3

One of the best racing games that you can play is Real Racing 3 from Electronic Arts. It features a realistic racing simulation game, allowing you to experience everything that racers go through on the track. This includes break timing, shifting gears, drifting, overtaking, and so on. This makes it a harder game to play, but still very fun and exciting. The game also features many different game modes for you to enjoy, including real-life motorsport leagues.

Graphics are also exceptional, as you can really see the beauty, details, and realism of the vehicles. You can just look at them and appreciate how these vehicles look. Customizing and tuning are also realistic, as you can fine-tune your vehicle so it will perform optimally during races.


Hill Climb Racing 2


Hill Climb Racing 2

Another fun and exciting racing game to play is Hill Climb Racing 2. Unlike many of the racing games on this list, it doesn’t come with life-like graphics. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun and a good game to play. This game is also unlike other racing games since there won’t be any turns here, only moving forward and backward. However, it’s still a challenging game to play since the race track is full of uphill and downhill slopes.

The game is also physics-based, which means you have to be careful when driving. Your vehicle can flip upside down, making you lose the race. So you need to be fast, but also very careful at driving through the hills.


Another game that doesn’t have realistic graphics, but is still very fun and very good is #DRIVE. It’s like an endless runner game, but you’re racing here instead. You get to drive forward, with some minor curves ahead. And since this is an endless racing game, your vehicle accelerates on its own so you only control turning left, right, and braking. But what’s fun about this game is that you get to run out of fuel or damage your vehicle.

You can also get busted by cops who are hiding and catching over speeding drivers. Fortunately, there are ways to counter this. Along the way, there are gas stations and repair shops that can replenish your fuel and fix your damages. There are also donut stores, which you can throw at cops so they’d stop chasing you.


Need for Speed


Need for Speed: No Limits

If you prefer a more adventure-type racing game with a good story, then Need for Speed: No Limits is your game. Published by Electronic Arts, you play the role of an up-and-coming street racer in this game. You try to make a name for yourself and you do this by racing against a prominent racing group. As you defeat a group, you climb up in rankings, which also means taking on tougher opponents. You also get access to numerous different vehicles that you will use in races.

You’ll need to upgrade your cars so they will perform better and help you win against tougher opponents. It features many different game modes, including a PvP mode. The graphics of this game are also realistic, so you’ll appreciate the looks of the vehicles that you have. It’s an exciting role-playing racing game that you’ll enjoy playing.

Drift Hunters

Last, but certainly not the least, is Drift Hunters. It’s a racing game where drifting is the main focus. As you race, your goal is to showcase your drifting skills. See how long you can maintain a drift while turning. Can you do a combo drift? Your skills would be tested in this game!

The great thing is that the game uses real-life physics. This means that you get to experience what it’s like to drift in real life. Of course, this also means that you need to have basic knowledge about drifting so you can do it properly. But don’t worry, this game will allow you to practice and learn how to properly drift. It’s an awesome racing game to play if you want to showcase your drifting skills or hone them more.

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