Guild of Heroes Tips & Tricks – A Beginners Guide

Posted on July 17, 2022
Guild Of Heroes Biginners Guide

Guild of Heroes is an action-packed fantasy RPG that lets you delve into its impressive gameplay. The game boasts mystical graphics with scenes showing elves, dungeons, and dragons that make it more interesting to play. In the game, you need to have competitive skills to outwit your opponents and make good progress in the game. You have to explore the maps and defeat all the minions to acquire gold which you can use later in the game.

However, defeating the minions and other enemies is not the only task you should fulfill in the game. There are other methods and strategies that you can apply to maximize your gameplay in the Guild of Heroes. Here are some suggested tips and tricks you can use to make good progress in the game.

You Have To Choose the Best Class

Guild of Heroes offers you the opportunity to pick three equally strong heroes. These are Wizard, Warrior, and Archer. They are known heroes that have their own unique mystical characteristics. If you are a solid fan of swords & blades, you can opt for a Warrior. But if you are fond of fighting with your bows and arrows, you can choose to be an Archer. Lastly, if you are into employing magic and spells just like a mighty mage, then Wizard is the best fit.

At the beginning of the game, you can create your own preferences too, such as gender and class of your character. You can also see a quick preview of their skills and characteristics. It will give you an idea of how to maneuver your chosen hero. Aside from that, you can also gain an advantage over what specific approach you should apply to defeat your enemies.

Guild Of Heroes Class


Connect Your Facebook Account

What is more interesting about playing Guild of Heroes is that it offers you free goodies. One of such is acquiring 15 diamonds once you connect your Facebook account. You can use these resources along with others as you progress through the game. Because diamonds are not easy to acquire, connecting your Facebook account is a gateway to receiving them in the game.

More so, you can also get log-in rewards and other good stuff in the form of boxes, potions, or even diamonds. If you don’t feel like playing the game at a particular period, you can only log in to collect these amazing rewards.

Position Yourself in the Battlefield

Do not just sit on the battlefield and allow minions to outwit you. Once in the battle, you must know how to position yourself. You can roam around the field and avoid these minions from attacking and damaging you. Keep in mind that these little creatures only attack at a fixed range. Sometimes they also stay in the same area for a longer period. They will only charge you when you are already far from them. Make sure to avoid being their target.

Guild Of Heroes Position


Rushing to Power Level 3

One of the most helpful tips is to unlock the power level 3, as it also unlocks the Auto Play Option. This game feature allows you to fight the enemies even without moving your mouse cursor, manually roam around and attack your opponents. If you are busy or not in the mood to do it manually, you may rush to power Level 3.

To quickly unlock this interesting feature, you should complete the stages and quest as much as you can. Often, the majority of the players prefer to use this feature when engaging in the easy mobs. If you master this feature, you will surely progress in the game more efficiently. However, it is suggested to avoid using it when dealing with the bosses since they can kill you with only one unlucky shot.

Equip Yourself With the Best Gears

In the game, you have to equip yourself with decent gear to gain an advantage while playing. You can acquire these gears either from the quest, from the guild store, or from crafting. These items will boost your character’s stat so you can play late-game content. You can unlock them in the early levels by getting the dropped items. As you roam around the field, you can see plenty of boxes that contain weapons and items. You can also acquire items from the weapons dropped by the monsters.

Guild Of Heroes Level Up

From time to time, you can also check your bag to see what gears you already have. You may use any of them in a specific battle. Understanding every gear’s capabilities can give you more advantages to fight the easy mobs. So, make sure you know the proper utilization of each gear to receive all the advantages.

Final Thoughts

The Guild of Heroes tips and tricks mentioned here are not a one-fits-all solution. Rather, it serves as an overview approach for you to effectively play the game. You still need to create your own strategy as you develop familiarity with the game. But, if you still don’t have a specific strategy in mind, you can use the tips and tricks mentioned above. The good news is you can now play Guild of Heroes: Fantasy RPG on PC. If you wish to know more details about this enthralling role-playing game, be sure to stay tuned only here on EmulatorPC!


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