Hero Wars Guide – 9 Tips, Tricks & Cheats Every Beginner Must Know

Posted on March 25, 2022
Hero Wars Rushing The Treasures And Skill Points

Last 2016, famous devs Nexters released Hero Wars, which is an exciting role-playing game that will definitely grab your gaming attention for hours. Like the usual RPGs nowadays, Hero Wars will task you to build your powerful team of heroes that you will deploy in various game modes, both in PvE and PvP. Furthermore, you can utilize dozens of different heroes in Hero Wars. You can choose to upgrade them to become effective regardless of game modes. So if you’re just starting out this game, you better check out our Hero Wars guide, tips, and tricks for you to improve your gameplay, even on the earliest phase of the game.

Your Main Objective in this Hero Wars Guide

Before we jump into the list of Hero Wars tips, we need first to understand the goal or focal point of this game. Here, your main goal is to collect your five best heroes. However, keep in mind that even if there are loads of available heroes, you need to remember that each hero depicts a distinct skill, ability, stats, and role. Moreover, you need to level them up, boost them, equip them with the best gears, upgrade their skills, and so on to make them more powerful. You can acquire more of your upgrades most of the time by grinding the campaign mode.

So, what is the challenge here? The most back-breaking stuff about Hero Wars is choosing the right heroes, how to distribute the resources to them and how to build your heroes correctly and efficiently.

Hero Wars Gameplay

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9 Hero Wars Tips – Start Your Game Right

To guide you in your journey, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use as you start your game in Hero Wars.

1. Create Your Most Powerful Team of Heroes

As mentioned above, your main goal in Hero Wars is to build your best team. In this RPG, you can choose heroes from different classifications such as warriors, tanks, marksmen, mages, healers, controls, and supports. If you’re not keen on the best heroes in this RPG, you might consider checking out the heroes that belong to the highest tiers. However, as you toss your heroes in the early phase, there’s no assurance that you’ll get the best ones. But, if you’re familiar with the tier list, you will know if you’ve got the best character worth investing in. At the same time, you’ll see if you need to do some reroll or just continue the game with your characters.

Hero Wars Heroes


2. Know Your Heroes More

Another thing you need to consider in choosing your heroes is to know what they’re capable of. For example, if you’re a player that prefers heroes that excel in damage and can fight from the front line, you better go with the tanks or warriors. As for healing, shields, and buffs, you can always count on supports and healers. On the other hand, if you’re fond of magical abilities, burst DPS, debuffs, and so on, you better catch a mage then. Furthermore, heroes with CC skills like stun, freeze, slow are called control. And, you should not forget the heroes from the backline who are good at imposing attacks even from a distance; they are known to be the Marksman.

Upon choosing your Hero Wars heroes, you need to depend on their strengths, roles, and their strengths or weaknesses to their enemies. As a beginner, it’s highly recommended to make your team as balanced as possible. Therefore, you can get some tanks, melee, fighters, healers, and so on.

3. Accomplish Daily Quests To Level Up Your Team

If you want to boost your hero’s level and unlock more functions, it is best to opt to enhance the level of your team. Once your heroes level up, you can upgrade them more, make them more powerful. But to level up your heroes, you need to ensure that you always accomplish every daily quest, get enough team EXP and pivot more on boosting your team level. You can usually see your daily quests at the upper-left corner of your game screen. Another advantage of grinding daily quests is that you’ll get awesome rewards like raid tickets, gold, energy, chests, and more.

4. Grind to Get More Rewards

Hero Wars enables you to replay such stages again to get more rewards and gear like the typical RPGs. Strive to clear those stages with 3-stars, and you’ll get a chance to utilize the raid function. Through raid tickets, you can get into a particular stage three times in a day, either from theater or quests.

Hero Wars Rewards


5. Probe the Theater!

As you play Hero Wars, you will notice the merchant shop located on the game’s main screen. From there, you can access and purchase energy, EXP potions, and even exchange arena coins. For instance, you’re opting for hero shards, then you can spend some Highwayman coins and achieve free rewards from the Theater. To navigate the theater, you can watch video ads and spend them by getting raid tickets, emeralds, gold, and energy.

Hero Wars Theater


6. Summoning Your Heroes

There are various ways to get your heroes in Hero Wars. You can summon them by accomplishing chapters, through arena or event shops, and of course, through opening heroic chests. For instance, if you’ve received a duplicate hero, you can use those to evolve the existing hero and improve its power. To use identical hero shards, you just need to access the heroes menu, click on the unlocked hero, and click the arrow up button next to the evolve option. From there, you’ll see how many duplicates you should have to evolve your hero.

Hero Wars Summon Heroes

Another way to get heroes is by opting the one chest daily. Usually, you can open some heroic chests by using Emerald. You can obtain it by watching video ads or accomplishing sponsored offers.

7. Try Your Best to Complete the Quests

Aside from daily quests, it’s also essential to complete your main quests to go further with the storyline of the game. At the same time, you can get amazing rewards such as hero shards, emeralds, gold, EXP potions, energy, and so on. You can usually access these quests on the bottom-center part of your game screen.

Hero Wars Quests


8. Your Stronger Team of Heroes

To effectively beat your opponents in PvP and PvE modes, you need to remember that it’s crucial to make your heroes stronger. To do this, you need to level them up by utilizing EXP potions, equipping them with the most potent gears, and promoting them. Furthermore, other ways to strengthen your heroes are by maximizing your team level, upgrading their skills through gold or skill points, and evolving them.

You can also opt for skin stones, skins, and artifacts; you can also invest in enchanting glyphs, upgrading your heroes’ attributes, and boosting titans.

9. Don’t Forget to Join a Guild!

Once you reach level 30, you must not forget to join a guild. Not just an ordinary guild, but an active guild where you can participate in various guild competitions and get a chance to acquire more awesome rewards.

So, there you have it! We hope these Hero Wars guide, tips, and tricks helped you immensely by doing your early game more effectively. For more updates and information about this awesome role-playing game, be updated here at EmulatorPC!

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