Lord of Heroes Beginner’s Guide – Broad Way to Improve Your Gameplay

Posted on January 24, 2022
Lord Of Heroes Beginner S Guide

Last 2020, Lord of Heroes was a role-playing game created by CloverGames. In this game, you are the ruler. And your main goal is to lead your knights towards success effectively. As the king of the Avillion, you need to travel around the land to dominate nations, hire allies and ultimately, create your perfect world.

Quick Glance of Lord of Heroes

As we know about RPGs, players are either tasked to be a knight or peasant. But, in Lord of Heroes, you will take the shoes of a monarch who needs to recruit mighty knights to create your powerful army. These warriors will be set against your enemies in a turn-based battle.

As the leader of the army, the fate of your kingdom relies upon your leadership. However, you will not work for the quest alone, and you will be working along with various heroes who will follow your orders as you and your army embark on a journey in each region.

Though there is a given tutorial in the game, you still need to understand the mechanics and features of the game to play the game successfully effectively. To beat your opponents, your key is to apply the best strategies and build a team of strong heroes.

Are you new to this RPG? This guide is perfect for you. We’ve developed a Lord of Heroes Beginner’s Guide where you can access useful tips, cheats, and strategies, making you the best ruler of each game mode. Let’s take a review here.

9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies Worth Checking Out

Here are the tips, cheats, and strategies you might consider checking to improve your gameplay and dominate every game mode as well.

1. Get Best Gears on Reroll

The concept of rerolling has become famous for most RPGs with gacha elements. Like a usual gamer, you used to link your game to your social media account to secure the progression of your game. Hence, if you wish to reroll, it is initially best to log in first with a guest account.

When talking about reroll, it is the process where you restart your progress in a certain game to the part where you are entitled to pulls. If you are aiming for a high-level character or gear, it is best to do rerolling to obtain the best stuff you need in-game.

As you start the game, you will do 11 pulls. If you are satisfied enough with what you’ve got, you can proceed to the progress and connect it with your social media account. But, if you wish to go further and get what you aim for, you can delete the game and download it again to restore everything.

Rerolling is not necessary for Lord of Heroes, but if you wish to progress quickly and effectively, you better do this tip to maximize the use of high-level characters or gears during the early part of the game.

2. Balance Your Team

Like RPGs, it is highly recommended to balance your team of heroes cohesively. Your goal is to ensure that your team has moderate enough skills to cater to various basis game modes. In Lords of Heroes, there is no available gacha for heroes; instead, you will get your unites through spending real money.

As you start the game, you can get heroes by completing quests in the main story, which is relatively enough to create a team. Also, you can unlock more heroes by the Chronicles, which will cost you renown or crystals.

Heroes in this game are upgradable. For example, you’ve got a 3-star hero, and you can work for it to be a 6-star hero. There are also instances that heroes can downgrade according to their performance in the main story.

3. Go After the Quest Line

Upon playing Lord of Heroes, you will indulge yourself in different adventures, which entitles you to various rewards once completed. As you progress in the game, more features will be unlocked throughout the game, including more quests. To effectively progress in-game, taking the quest located at the lower left side of your screen is highly recommended.

4. Upgrade the Right Hero

One of the best strategies to dominate the Lord of Heroes is to be selective when it comes to upgrading heroes. As you progress in the game, you can unlock new and better heroes who suit your powerful team. Your team can change as you play the game.

Lord Heroes Character

To dominate a game mode and the succeeding one, it is important to ready your team for the upcoming challenges of the main storyline as you progress. The more further you get, the more demand and challenges await you.

5. Upgrade Your Best Gears & Remove the Unnecessary

Like other strategy RPGs, upgrading different gears for your heroes are also available in Lord of Heroes. To enhance your heroes, it is also important that you upgrade their gears. Regardless of the type or rarity of a certain gear, it can be upgraded to +15.

There is no such thing as increasing the grade of a gear. But, you be more conscious of what equipment you need to upgrade. Regardless of type, you will need gold to upgrade your gear, so it will be better to save more to enhance your gear continuously.

6. Follow the Main Story

Like the usual RPGs, if you want to progress effectively in-game, you need to prioritize first following the game’s main story. Like with Lord of Heroes, if you’re going to unlock the dungeons and other game modes, you need to follow the main story.

7. Get Through Extra Energy in All Game Modes

As you dive into the story mode of Lord of Heroes, there will be a lot of areas you can spend your energy. These game modes give you various resources that enable you to boost your heroes.

Lord Heroes Map

You can embark on different adventures in additional game modes like The Coliseum, Primeval Hall, and Calamity’s Cradle.

8. Get an Alliance As Soon As Possible

Like the usual RPGs, guilds, clans, factions, and alliances are essential for the game. Some game modes ask players to be members of an alliance to play it. Also, there are extra benefits to joining a clan or alliance despite your strength or activity.

9. Complete Feats for More Rewards

Aside from accomplishing quests, more rewards await you. It is a feature of the game where you need to take through with different objectives, which can be useful to the game’s overall progress. Accomplishing feats are part of your development and growth.

So, that’s it! Are you ready to conquer the world of Lord of Heroes? Let this beginner’s guide help you! For more information and updates about this RPG, stay in the loop here!

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