Hero Cantare Tier List – The Most Powerful Heroes Worth Aiming For

Posted on September 7, 2022
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Hero Cantare is an exciting role-playing game published by NGEL GAMES Co., Ltd last 2020 in connection with WEBTOONS. If you’re unfamiliar with WEBTOONS, it’s an online portal renowned for popular animated comics and cartoons. This game is perfect for RPG players who are huge fans of webcomics and wish to play a game using famous characters derived from the said webcomics. And with our Hero Cantare Tier List, you’ll know the best heroes to use in the game.

Like the usual role-playing games nowadays, Hero Cantare provides game modes that will test your prowess in managing heroes. But, what makes this game more exciting is that it offers a vast list of heroes that makes choosing a hero even more challenging for you. However, as a gamer, you probably wish to come up with the best or more powerful heroes to withstand you in all your battles. So to help you choose who among the heroes are the most formidable, let this Hero Cantare Tier List help you out.

Hero Cantare Tier List – Revealing the Best Heroes

When selecting a hero in Hero Cantare, it’s highly recommended to always take into account its overall standing by carefully assessing their fighting attributes. To help you with this task, we’ve developed a Hero Cantare Tier List that will help you with your crucial decision-making.

Hero Cantare Gameplay

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In this Hero Cantare Tier List, the heroes are classified into four tiers; S, A, B, and C, which stands for S heroes as the most powerful ones, while C is the tier for weak characters. However, take note that the standing of these heroes is changeable in the future due to game updates. Here are the heroes in each tier;

S-Tier – The Greatest Heroes

If you’re looking for the most formidable heroes in Hero Cantare, then you better keep your eyes peeled to this tier. S-Tier heroes are acclaimed to be overpowered and can help you effectively dominate opponents. In terms of skill sets, they’re perfect in the present meta and provide astonishing fighting attributes. So here are the heroes under this tier;

  • King Dark
  • Phantom Thief Liddie
  • Fallen Angel Michael
  • Greatsword Warrior Sora
  • Constant
  • Cool Sparkling Albelda
  • God Killer Zero
  • Prime King Uma
  • Pure Green Arin
  • Yopi
  • Chloris
  • Queen No Name & White
  • Green-April Yuri Ha
  • God-Killer Zero
  • Black-March Bam
  • Yeon’s Flame Khun
  • Baylord Yama
  • Q
  • Crusade Mira Yoo
  • Jue Viole Grace
  • Yeon Flame Khun
  • Queen No-name
  • Idol Rockcrawler


Hero Cantare King Dark


A-Tier – The Strong Heroes

If you don’t have an S-Tier hero in Hero Cantare yet, you can still win your battles with the A-Tier heroes. Like S-Tier heroes, these characters are renowned for being second best and powerful as well. Alternatively, you can use these heroes to beat the characters in S-Tier by precise usage and with their stats or attributes. Here are the A-Tier heroes;

  • Hilda
  • Ophelia
  • Valentine Endorsi
  • Shepherdian
  • Yuri Ha
  • Jinsung Ha
  • Queen No Name
  • Hero of Taste Sora
  • Valkyrie
  • Manjin Sang
  • Kaiser
  • Hayan Park
  • Mame Shiba Daisy
  • Casey
  • Endorsi
  • Urek Mazino
  • Heavenly Warlord
  • Heavenly Warlord & Dar
  • Maitreya Mujin Park


Hero Cantare Maitreya Mujin Park


B-Tier – The Average Heroes

If you can’t manage to obtain heroes from the two powerful tiers above, you can still consider using B-Tier heroes. However, it would be best if you were careful in selecting heroes under this tier as you can’t ensure their viability in the game, especially in the late game. If there’s no choice, you can select the well-balanced hero that you think can fit the job or game mode. Here is the list of heroes under the B-Tier;

  • Rak
  • Hwarangian
  • Sweet Dream Charlotte
  • Ahan Dan
  • Lifeguard Pooh Upooh
  • Uriel
  • D.Jahad
  • Muzaka
  • Ilpyo Park
  • Lime
  • Zero
  • Armes
  • Ghost Bride Hwaryun
  • Sujin Lee
  • Rak Wrathraiser
  • Bam
  • Raskreia
  • Master Pooh Upooh
  • Frankenstein
  • Maschenny
  • White Albelda
  • Unleashed Raizel
  • Elaine
  • Daewi han
  • Ehwa Yeon
  • Charlotte
  • No-Name
  • Black March Bam
  • Witch of the West Mira Yoo
  • Bam & Ilpyo Park
  • Idol Rockcrawler
  • Raizel
  • Green April Yuri Ha
  • Nine-tailed Ilpyo Park
  • Great Sword Warrior Sora


Hero Cantare Ghost Bride Hwaryun


C-Tier – The Weakest Heroes

Completing the Hero Cantare Tier List are the heroes under C-Tier. Being the last tier, this group is known to have fragile heroes. C-Tier heroes are entirely out of the meta and can be quickly taken down by other heroes, especially the ones from above. If you’re opting to win loads of battles in Hero Cantare, you must not choose heroes under this tier. Here are the weakest heroes in Hero Cantare;

  • The King
  • 666: Satan
  • Haetae
  • Nine Tailed Ilpyo Park
  • M-21
  • King Uma
  • Taek Jegal
  • Father Michael
  • Rockcrawler
  • Hwaryun
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Arin
  • Choco Bibi
  • Max Level Warrior
  • Sora
  • Mori Jin
  • Jade Emperor Daewi Han
  • Mira Yoo
  • D.Khun Eduan
  • Pooh Upooh
  • Daisy
  • Cat’s Eye Odette
  • Light
  • Ash
  • Heart Heater
  • Khun Aguero
  • Seira
  • Argyll
  • Jack
  • Rachel
  • Odette
  • Lunark
  • White
  • Curtis
  • Night Queen Zero
  • Clan Leader Seira
  • Chi Chi
  • Chi Pong
  • Claude
  • Euntae Hwang
  • Flora
  • Liddie



Use the Best Hero Cantare Tier List Now

So, there you have it! We hope this Hero Cantare Tier List helped you choose the most powerful heroes to use in your battles in this awesome role-playing game. But for more tips, tricks, updates, and information about this fantastic role-playing game, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.


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