KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Tier List For December 2021

Posted on December 24, 2021
Konosuba December Tier List Floating In Sky

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is one of the best role-playing games that you can play right now. Published by NEXON Company, it’s an action-adventure RPG with anime-like graphics, epic adventures, and exciting battles. But what really attracts people to this RPG is the fact that it’s based on the KonoSuba manga. So, if you’ve read the manga, you will recognize many of the characters there in this game.

Even if you haven’t read the manga yet, you will still appreciate this RPG. The anime-like graphics and interface are already a big reason to play this game. Like with many RPGs, though, you get to collect and use different characters to form your team. But you can only use a certain number of them, which means you have to choose carefully. To help you with that, this blog post is a KonoSuba: Fantastic Days guide and we’ll discuss the tier list of this RPG for December 2021.

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Things to Know About KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Characters

Before we discuss the character tier list of KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, let’s first discuss some important information about the characters. All characters will belong to 1 of 7 elements—Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Dark. Each element will have its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what they are will help greatly in how you assemble your team for a battle.

Characters will also play 1 of 3 roles, attacker, support, or tank. Each role has specific functions during battle. The tanks are characters that protect weaker characters by tanking the damage the team receives. The attackers are characters that provide the damage and finish off enemies. There are physical and magical attackers. The support provides support to the entire team. This can be in the form of healing, buffing teammates, or debuffing enemies.

And now that you have basic knowledge about the characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, let’s now discuss the tier list.

The Best Characters to Use in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

There are many characters available in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. But not all of them are created equal. Some are just more powerful than others, making them a priority when composing your team. Let’s look at the best characters in the game.

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The S-Tier Characters

These are the most powerful characters currently available in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. They’re the ones that you should be prioritizing when you are composing your team for battle. These are also characters that you should be developing first, so you can make them even stronger. The S-tier characters available are Melissa (Treasure Hunter), Megumin (Group Pose) Chris (High-Flying Thief), Iris (First Casino Foray), Amy (Soother of Spirits), and Chris (Maid to Loot).

Included in the S-tiers are Iris (Mischievous Princess), Chris (My Treasure), Iris (Royal Holiday), Cielo (Axel Hearts), Iris (Siblings), Wiz (Christmas Eve), and Cielo (Dancing Adventurer). These are the characters that you should prioritize and focus on in this game.

The A-Tier Characters

In case you don’t have any S-tier characters, A-tier characters are good alternatives. They are powerful in their own right and are very viable to use in battle. You can also prioritize them when it comes to development, especially if S-tiers are not available for a certain element or role.

The A-tier characters are Wiz (Water Blast), Rem (Battle Maid), YunYun (Friendly Halloween), Megumin (Explosive), Wiz (Ice Witch), Amy (Motherly Maiden), Megumin (Explosive Devotion, Aqua (Sparkling Seas), and Wiz (Sweet Dreams). These A-tier characters may not be overpowered like the S-tiers, but they are still very powerful characters. You can still win many battles with the A-tiers as your main characters.

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The B-Tier Characters

The B-tiers are characters that are not as powerful as the S- or A-tiers but are still good characters to use. They are still very viable options in many battle situations, especially if there are no S- or A-tiers available to fill the need. So, you can also invest some of your resources in developing them if you don’t have S- or A-tiers yet for their role.

The B-tier characters are YunYun (Magic Academy Memories), Melissa (Elegance), Aqua (Hot Spring Heaven), Erika (Dancing Adventurer), and Megumin (Pajama Party). Included in the B-tier list are Rin (Certified Wizard), Kazuma (A Ball for Two), Rin (Sun Soaked), Kazuma (Household Hero), Dust (Delinquent Adventurer), and YunYun (Megumin’s Friend). Completing the list are Dust (Super Sledder), Arue (Best Bod), Dust (My Treasure), Arue (Dramatic Author), Mitsurugi (The Chosen One), and Mitsurugi (Dreamy Dealer).

The C-Tier Characters

These are decent characters but should be your last resort. You will only use and develop them if you don’t have any of the characters in the higher tiers available to fill a role. They can still fulfill the role that you need from them, but don’t expect them to perform optimally during battle.

The C-tier characters are Rin (Winter Wonderland), Mia (Mischievous Beastman), Aqua (Otherworldly Tour), Mia (Harried Housekeeper), and Aqua (Nature’s Beauty). Completing the C-tier list are Kazuma (Shut-in No More), Lia (Dancing Adventurer), Darkness (True Knight), Lia (Axel Hearts), Cecily (Cottontail Cleric), and Cecily (Big Sister). They’re decent characters that can still be used to fill certain roles.

Final Thoughts

There are many more heroes available in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. But the ones listed in this blog post are the most powerful characters currently available. So, make sure you prioritize using these characters before trying out others.

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