Langrisser Tier List – The Best Characters to Add to Your Team

Posted on September 22, 2022
Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser SEA is one of the most dynamic and notable RPG strategy games nowadays. The said game was published and developed by ZlongGames. Generally, there are 30 units available in Langrisser SEA. You need to command your army of units and tactically position them in various areas of the arena. You can freely change the position of your units even if the game is already happening, but you can only do this once. And with the Langrisser Tier List, you get to choose the best units for your army!

Like the usual RPGs, Langrisser SEA offers a massive range of content and loads of exploration. In order to prosper in this game, you are expected to be more strategic, especially when picking out your units. Here, your chosen units will be used to attack your opponents in a boardlike arena. The battle mode will work in a turn-based manner. But, the ultimate question is, who among the 30 units is worthy of being part of your team? Let this tier list help you with that. Check out the best and worst units in this game now!


Langrisser Tier List – The Best Units Your Team Should Have

Forming your team in Langrisser SEA is not easy. To effectively do this task, you need to be widely keen on the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. But, to make this task easier, let the Langrisser Tier List help you out.

In Langrisser Tier List, the heroes will be grouped into six tiers; S, A, B, C, D, and E. Like the usual tier list, the S-Tier heroes are renowned for being the overpowered group. At the same time, the E is the tier where the worst heroes belong. So, without further ado, here are the heroes ranked according to tier;

Langrisser Tier List – S-Tier Heroes

If you wish to achieve the ultimate and powerful team in Langrisser SEA, then test your luck and get all of the S-Tier heroes. Units under this tier are acclaimed to have the most promising abilities to fit any team. Here are the best heroes in Langrisser SEA you must consider having on your team, along with their roles;

  • Tiaris – Healer
  • Liana – Healer
  • Leon – Physical DPS



Langrisser Tier List – A-Tier Heroes

If your luck is not working according to your will with the S-Tier heroes, you might consider trying to collect the A-Tier heroes. Though not as powerful as the S-Tiers, you can still count on them. Furthermore, these heroes can effectively help you withstand your battles as they form powerful synergies once combined. Here are A-Tier heroes that you can depend on;

  • Vargas – Tank
  • Sonya – Physical DPS
  • Shelfaniel – Mage
  • Lana – Mage
  • Bozel – Mage
  • Ledin – Tank
  • Luna – Ranged DPS
  • Cherie – Physical DPS


Langrisser Sea Lana


Langrisser Tier List – B-Tier Heroes

If you can’t complete your ultimate team of heroes composed of S and A-Tier heroes, you can still consider adding a hero from B-Tier. Though not as substantial as the heroes above, B-Tier units are renowned for being above-average heroes that can still help you achieve the victory you’ve aiming for. However, it will be best if you know how to use and maximize their abilities so they can withstand every battle. Here are the B-Tier units in this game;

  • Altemuller – Physical DPS, Tank
  • Egbert – Magical DPS
  • Elwin – Physical DPS
  • Angelina – Physical DPS
  • Bernhardt – Physical DPS, Tank
  • Freya – Tank


Langrisser Sea Bernhardt


Langrisser Tier List – C-Tier Heroes

If you’re not lucky enough to summon higher-tier heroes, you can still test your winning streak using units under C-Tier. These units are known as average heroes and viable only in the game’s early stages. You can use C-Tier units to support your powerful heroes; however, it will be best if you’ll replace them once you get a chance to obtain higher-tier heroes. Here are the C-Tier heroes in Langrisser SEA;

  • Grenier – Physical DPS, Support
  • Matthew – Physical DPS
  • Sophia – Healer, Support
  • Lester – Physical DPS


Langrisser Sea Sophia


Langrisser Tier List – D-Tier Heroes

Going down to our Langrisser Tier List are the D-Tier heroes. These are units that are known to be below-average units. Though these heroes can perform well in the arena, there are possibilities that they can’t withstand more powerful opponents. If you want to ensure your winning streak in Langrisser SEA, it will be better if you replace your D-Tier hero with a more dynamic hero from the lists above. Here are the D-Tier units;

  • Imelda – Support
  • Jessica – Magical DPS
  • Lewin – Support, Physical DPS
  • Lance – Tank


Langrisser Sea Imelda


Langrisser Tier List – E-Tier Heroes

If S-Tier heroes are the best units in Langrisser SEA, then the units under the E-Tier are the worst ones. If winning in the game is not your ultimate goal, you can fulfill it using the heroes below. But, if you wish to conquer the battle arena, you better not consider an E-Tier in your ultimate team. Here are the worst heroes in the Langrisser SEA;

  • Silverwolf – Physical DPS
  • Kirikaze – Physical DPS
  • Emerick – Physical DPS
  • Narm – Support, Physical DPS


Langrisser Sea Narm


Aim for Glory Using Our Langrisser Tier List

Now that you’ve already met the best and worst heroes in Langrisser SEA through our updated Langrisser Tier List, it’s the perfect time to unleash your strategies and form your ultimate team that will defeat all of your enemies.

But for more updates, information, tips, and tricks about this challenging strategy game, don’t hesitate to check us out here at EmulatorPC.

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