Toy Blast Hints – 7 Useful Tips & Tricks Every Player Must Know

Posted on July 19, 2022
Toy Blast 7 Useful Tips

Last 2015, developers known as Peak Games made an exciting matching puzzle game called Toy Blast. With its simple yet easy-to-understand premise, people across the globe never doubted downloading and playing this game. According to the data, this puzzle game has already reached millions of players worldwide and counting.

If you’re familiar with match-3 puzzle games, you’ll surely figure out how to play Toy Blasts. Like usual match-3 games, you are tasked to connect two or more similar color cubes to remove them on the board.

There are loads of levels you need to deal with, and each level corresponds to a certain goal you must overcome. Take note that the goals vary; as you progress, they will become more challenging. So, if you find yourself stuck at a certain level, you better not miss having our Toy Blast hints, tips, and tricks that can help you clear all types of levels.

Here are the 7 valuable Toy Blast hints, tips and tricks you can use in the game to progress successfully.

1. Gather More Blocks

As you play Toy Blast, you’ll be set to a specific objective at each level. You can either meet the requirements or go beyond the numbers. But, to ensure you’ll complete the level, it will be best to exceed the number of cubes required. Instead of connecting 3 blocks, try your best to connect 4 or more to achieve the best results.

Toy Blast 7 Or More

Image Source: Toy Blast Gameplay

If you want to achieve a high score in Toy Blast, try to match more than 3 blocks; you can connect 8 if possible. You can create a colossal combo that can clear your board more quickly with these actions. Remember to be keen enough on the possibilities you can connect to the board and try your best to transcend the requirement.

2. Don’t Miss Having 3-Stars

Each time you play a level in Toy Blast, you’ll notice the progress bar at the top of your game screen that shows you the stars you’ve already collated. In Toy Blasts, it is also essential that you earn 3 stars in every level you play. To achieve 3 stars, opting for awesome combos and boaters will be best.

However, if it happens that you only achieve 2 stars in a level, you can still play the level again until you get 3 stars. Obtaining 2 stars is quite acceptable for tough levels, but if you’re not satisfied with it, you can strive more until you get 3 stars.

3. Work on Your Goal First

As mentioned above, you’ll be set in a particular goal in each level you take. The ultimate tip you can use to finish the level faster and effectively is to prioritize first the goals or requirements before anything else. There are times that you need to unlock toys or meet a number of blocks. If you wish to achieve a maximum score, you must first meet these goals. You can develop some combos or use boosters to surpass the level. Most of the time, these goals are located at the top left portion of the screen as you start the level. Try your best to meet these requirements while using the number of moves you provide at each level.

Toy Blast Goal


4. Understanding the Special Tiles

The special tiles are added to the Toy Blast Hints you need to use to progress successfully. In Toy Blast, three types of tiles depict unique benefits; the Rotor, Puzzle Cube, and TNT.

Similar to traditional matching puzzle games, combining two tiles will give you a special effect that will be advantageous. These tiles can help you achieve massive points and 3 stars as well. To know more about these tiles and what they can do, here are the short descriptions of each title.


You can achieve this tile by matching 7 to 8 similar color cubes. You can use this tile to blow up all neighboring tiles in a radius of approximately 9 x 9.

The Puzzle Cube

Achieve this tile by matching 9 or more similar colored tiles. You can use this tile to remove all the existing cubes having the same color as the Puzzle Cube tile.

Toy Blast Rainbow


The Rotor

To attain this tile, you need to connect 5 or 6 cubes with the same color. You can use this tile to eliminate all cubes located in a column or row contingent on the direction you point it.

5. Matching Two Different Tiles

As mentioned above, you must develop various combos to achieve special tiles in Toy Blast. If it happens that you come up with two special tiles on your board, you can try merging them and executing multiple combos, such as merging what they can do to your board. If you think you can manage to finish the level without the help of the special tiles, you can still work out achieving three stars, and the special tiles you’ve obtained will explode once the level ends.

Toy Blast Combine Tnt Rocket


6. Utilize the Boosters

Like the usual match-3 puzzle games, Toy Blast also offers boosters that can help you out on surpassing challenging levels. You can achieve these boosters by completing levels. Most of the time, you can access these boosters at the bottom part of the game, and you can free to use them whenever you want. Keep in mind that you need to be clever in using your boosters, and highly recommended to use them on higher levels.

7. Open Star Chests to Get More Stars

In playing Toy Blast, keep in mind that the stars play an essential role in the game. Stars will be your keys in helping Amy to achieve more toys quickly. Take note that there’s no limit to collecting stars; feel free to get all stars you can have.

Toy Blast Chests

If you’re opting for more items, boosters, and coins, a star chest can help you achieve those stuff. You need to invest at least 30 stars to get a star chest. Make an effort to collate these stars if you wish to attain valuable items that can help you progress in the game successfully.

So, there you have it! We hope that these Toy Blast hints, tips, tricks, and strategies help you clear more levels in this terrific matching puzzle game. For more updates, tips, tricks, and information about this fun puzzle game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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