Rivengard Tier List – The Ultimate Rank from Best to the Most Fragile

Posted on August 30, 2022
Rivengard Tier List Rank

One of the best RPGs you can play right now, especially if you enjoy strategic RPGs, is Rivengard – Turn Based RPG. It’s an RPG strategy game that features a turn-based tactical battle. In a tactical battle, the strategy will play a big part in your battles. So you’ll need a good strategy to help you win against enemies, especially the powerful ones. But your strategy is just one part, you also need powerful heroes to execute that strategy. Thankfully, this Rivengard tier list can help you out.

But like with many RPGs out there, there are many different heroes available to acquire in this game. To help you decide on the best heroes, this blog post can guide you through that. We’ll help you identify who are the top heroes in this tactical RPG.

Rivengard Tier List – The Ultimate Characters from Excellent to Worse

One of the selling points of many RPGs is the many different characters available for players to try and collect. But the problem with that is it becomes harder to decide which character to use on your team. Rivengard is no different in that regard. It’s why a tier list is important because it helps players identify the best heroes available.

Rivengard Heroes

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The S-Tier Heroes

If you want to use the best heroes available in Rivengard, then you should go for the S-tier heroes. They’re the most powerful characters available in the game. They’re overpowered, the cream of the crop, and can help you win battles, even against powerful enemies. Therefore, it’s important to focus your efforts on trying to acquire and develop these characters. Of course, that’s going to be easier said than done.

But you should at least know who they are. The S-tier heroes in Rivengard are:

  • Gix (Rogue)
  • Dorga (Mage)
  • Ziyad (Mage)
  • Akio (Warrior)
  • Yasamin (Warrior)
  • Thana Moh (Rogue)
  • Ranaklu (Mage)
  • Nimrul (Rogue)
  • Aceshru (Mage)


Rivengard Thana Moh


A-Tier Heroes

If you don’t have any S-tier heroes yet, then maybe you have some A-tier heroes on your current roster. They’re not as powerful as the S-tier heroes, but they’re still powerful in their own right. They can still help you progress in the game and win battles, even against powerful monsters. They’re very good alternatives if you don’t have access to S-tier heroes yet. So you can still focus on them when it comes to development.

You don’t have to save resources and wait for S-tiers when it comes to developing heroes. Since they’re powerful enough, you can still use them at any time. Even if you already have S-tiers, they can still be used in certain situations, especially situations where you need particular heroes. There are also many A-tier heroes available, so you will have a lot of options to choose from. The A-tier heroes in Rivengard are:

  • Aradel (Mage)
  • Pelator (Mage)
  • Grandma Bones (Mage)
  • Hanna (Mage)
  • Katsume (Rogue)
  • Sir Matteus (Warrior)
  • Mivera (Rogue)
  • Pari (Rogue)
  • Sir Florianus (Warrior)


Rivengard Katsume


B-Tier Heroes

If A-tier heroes are still not available for you, then a decent alternative would be the B-tier heroes. They’re not as powerful as the S-tier and A-tier, but they’re still viable options. You may struggle a bit during battle, especially when you’re dealing with more powerful opponents. However, they can still be helpful with the right strategy and team composition. You just need to put them in the right team and they’ll be able to shine and help you progress.

In terms of development, you can still spend some resources on them, but you’ll need to save. The B-tier heroes are decent heroes to use. But they’re heroes that you’ll soon replace when you get your hands on A-tier and S-tier heroes. So you just need to develop them as needed. When you need to progress in a battle and don’t have powerful heroes yet, then you should develop your B-tier heroes. The B-tier heroes available in Rivengard are:

  • Agnar (Warrior)
  • Bullmon (Warrior)
  • Sunshine (Rogue)
  • Tawa Rinji (Mage)
  • The Red Rat (Warrior)
  • Caradan (Mage)
  • Lyonette (Warrior)
  • Salvo (Rogue)
  • Monty (Rogue)
  • Naevys (Rogue)


Rivengard Agnar


C-Tier Heroes

If B-tier heroes are still hard to come by, then maybe you can use C-tier heroes. They’re decent heroes that can still help in certain situations. But don’t expect them to be powerful like the S-tier, A-tier, or even B-tier heroes. You should also expect to struggle during battles, even against decent enemies. You will use the C-tier heroes as fillers to complete your team.

As for development, it’s best to refrain from spending any resources on them. Probably just leveling them up from battle experiences, or gear you acquire. But spending resources to try and develop them should be avoided. At the end of the day, they’re just there to fill a slot. The C-tier heroes available are:

  • Areus (Mage)
  • Sigrid (Warrior)

Let this Rivengard Tier List Help You Win Your Battles

There are still many more heroes available in Rivengard. But the ones provided on this list are the best ones available right now. You can still try other heroes, not on this list, especially the rare ones. But if you want the best, then start with this list. And for more tier lists, guides, or tips & tricks, you can stay tuned here in EmulatorPC!


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