Best Tank In Tank Stars – A Guide For Every Player

Posted on December 25, 2021
Tank Stars Best Tank Colliding

If you enjoy playing action arcade games, then one of the best ones you can play right now is Tank Stars. Published by Playgendary Limited, it’s an arcade game where you get to control tanks and have a 1-on-1 battle. The battle, though, won’t be the usual tank battle as the game is more of aim and shoot. You and your opponent will take turns trying to destroy each other.

But you won’t do it in a typical way. Instead, you will try to aim and then shoot a high arching shot that can land on your opponent or near them. What’s great about this game is that it features many tanks and weapons for you to use. But which one of them is the best one? We’ll discuss all of them in this Tank Stars guide and provide a list of the best weapons and tanks to use.

Weapons are More Important than Tanks

One of the things that you should first know is that weapons are more important than tank stats in Tank Stars. The reason for this is the tank’s stats in the game are pretty much almost identical. Sure, there might be some differences and they can also affect how a battle will go. But their impact isn’t that big, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the stats of the tanks.

It won’t really matter much in battle regardless of the stats of your tank. What will have an impact though are tank weapons.

Tank Stars Helios Gameplay


The Best Tanks Available

Each tank will have different weapons available to use and those weapons can determine how a battle will go. And in the next section, we’ll identify the best tanks that you can use based on the weapons they have.


Probably one of the best tanks available is the Coalition. It’s a tank that features many long-range weapons that specialize in area damage. Since it’s a tank that focuses on area damage, you won’t have to be too accurate with your aim. As long as the weapon will land close to the enemy, it will deal damage. And since the weapons are area damage, it has a wider range, so your aim doesn’t even have to be just beside the opponent.

In terms of weapons available, there’s Artillery Support, Cluster Strike, V-Strike, Leaper, Scatter Shot, and Auger Shot. It’s a great tank to acquire and use if you’re having a hard time aiming properly.

Tank Stars Coalition



Another great tank to use is the Helios. What’s great about this tank is that most of its weapons are fire-based. Fire can deal additional damage to enemies when they’re in its area. Fire will also stick to the land, which will allow you to force your opponent to move back or forward. With this tank, you can basically control your opponent’s movements as long as you surround him with fire.

The weapons available for this tank are Napalm Strike, Hyperblast, Napalm, Vulcano, Hell Rider, and Sunrise. This is a tank worth using if you want to burn your enemies.

Tank Stars Helios

Image Source: Tank Stars Helios



If you don’t like the heat, then try using the Frost tank. It’s a tank that specializes in using ice attacks. The great thing about ice attacks is that it not only deals high damage but can also freeze the enemy. This can be very helpful during battle and very devastating for enemies. Freezing will make it easier for you to destroy them.

It also helps that many of the attacks also have a wide area of attack. The tank’s weapons are Frostbite, Assault Drones, Blizzard, High Pressure, and Ice Splitter.
Tank Stars Frost



Last, and certainly not least, there’s the Blazer tank. This is another tank with high damage and explosive ammunition. What this tank specializes in is dealing with multiple enemies (during tournaments). It’s also a good tank to get if you are someone who is bad at aiming. This is because this tank’s weapons can deliver multiple bullets.

That’s right, many of the weapons this tank has will have more than one bullet. There’s a weapon that uses 3 homing missiles to make it easy to hit enemies. Then there’s also a bullet that turns into fireworks, and so on. So, you can easily hit enemies here. The weapons available are Fireworks, Rocker Swarm, Jackhammer, Sinkhole, Crossfire, and Stinger.

Tank Stars Blazer


Final Thoughts

Tank Stars is a fun and interesting multiplayer action arcade game that you can play. What’s great about it is its unique gameplay and the different tanks available. But the tanks themselves are not what’s truly important, but the weapons it possesses. Each tank has different weapons available and each one has different abilities. In this blog, we identified the best tanks available to use in Tank Stars. Stay tuned for more updates!

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