8 Vikings War of Clans Tips & Tricks to Be a Top Player

Posted on March 15, 2022
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Like the other popular games nowadays, Plarium’s Vikings War of Clans looks hugely one of the strategy games that every gamer must play. With its unique premise, this game will immerse you in the Vikings world where power, fear, freedom, and violence control everything else. Moreover, you’ll experience constructing and managing cities. The game also asks you to locate your kingdom strategically and participate in various war campaigns while boosting your army and destroying others’ armies for the sake of rewards.

So, if you wish to improve your gameplay and be ahead of the other players, let this list of Vikings War of Clans tips and tricks help you become the best among the rest. Are you ready to absorb these tips and tricks? Well, you should be!

8 Vikings War of Clans Tips & Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are the eight tips that can help you top your game in Vikings War of Clans.

1. Set Your Winning Town as You Start the Game

Like the usual gamers, you used to start your game, setting up your town and familiarizing the game’s whereabouts. The growth of your kingdom is not as fast as you think, but you can choose to go for microtransactions on troops to see the development more quickly. With that said, many players choose to quit the game, thinking that you need to spend cash just to grow faster. What matters most is that you know your goal for your town, and you’ll do everything to make it thrive.


2. Join a Clan

Like the other strategy games, joining a clan is extremely important, especially when participating in Global Competitions. Aside from that, it would be best if you keep your focus on cooperation among clan members is immensely significant. Furthermore, joining a clan also allows you to experience various benefits, especially when winning battles, and gives its way to unlock more game features that are not seen for players who don’t have a clan.
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3. Opt for Competitive & Multiple Sets of Equipment for Your Hero

Like the usual strategy games, it’s given that if you want to thrive in your game, you must equip your heroes with the best equipment possible. With the best equipment, you can do everything faster, such as building, training, yielding, plundering, and even sending troops for an attack. Aside from equipping your hero with the best items, it’s also crucial for you to be knowledgeable or keen enough on how to build effective equipment sets suitable to any kind of battle or terrain.
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4. Don’t Use Your Gold on Fallen Troops

While playing Vikings War of Clans, you must take note not to use your gold just to revive a dead warrior. Keep in mind that your hard-earned gold must only be used for leveling up your hero or in buying boosts. Additionally, it’s best to spend your gold purchasing energy for your warrior, which gives way for better equipment.

5. Take Time to Research for Additional Knowledge

There are times that you will get defeated, or your troops are dying to a tile hit. With that said, you have to re-design your kingdom and make customizations to avoid being beaten or having casualties. Additionally, don’t always settle with what you know; though it makes you an opportunity for rewards, it’s best to continuously do your research and focus more on your goals.

6. Take Note that Everyone is Doing Hyper-Farming

Hyper-farming in Vikings War of Clans is a process wherein you fill your town with resourceful buildings that offer a particular type of resources. Through hyper-farming, the production of the specific resource will considerably increase. So, if you’re not doing this strategy and prefer to focus on your town’s design, you must start hyper-farming right away and experience the fantastic benefits behind it. Don’t rely on succumbing alone to get your resources.

7. Choose the Best Type of Troops

When you start playing Vikings War of Clans, you will choose your troops right away, and you have no choice but to stick to it. After that, you must focus more on your Army Knowledge, Hero Equipment, Gems, and Hyperfarm. As you progress in the game, you can switch your troops to something better or to whatever you wish to have. But, if you prefer to stick with your original troops, it is more effective to acquire more knowledge in that area that will significantly enrich your forces.
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8. Get the Best Shield Possible

Like other strategy games, the shield is your best protective gear against enemies. Investing in a sturdy shield is important to protect your troops from dying early in the game, which blocks you from yielding for defensive power, power, and attack. So during early or mid-game, it’s best to ensure that your shield is enough to cover up your developing troops. Aside from spending your gold on reviving dead warriors, it’s more effective to ensure that everything is safe and you can get enough time to yield your attack and power.
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So, there you have it! We hope that these Vikings War of Clans tips & tricks will help you get ahead of your game and be the best player you can be. For more information and updates regarding this strategy game, stay in the loop here at EmulatorPC.

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