If interior design is a skill that you want to develop, then Design Home: House Renovation is the app you need. Immerse yourself in the world of home designs and bring your concepts to life. Browse through a massive collection of furniture and other home accessories from real-world brands. Best of all, you can join an active community of designers and get some pointers, suggestions, and recommendations at the comfort of your PC.

What is Design Home: House Renovation?

Design Home: House Renovation is a simulation game developed and published by Crowdstar Inc. in 2016. As the title implies, the game allows players to show off interior decorating skills through a series of challenges and other activities.

The game also has an active community of players who share and vote on various designs that are being shared on the platform. The most impressive part of this game is the ever-growing collection of items from real-world brands that players can use.

Even better, every challenge comes with its unique rewards and points. Since its official launch, the game has managed to attract millions of talented designers to its platform. It is also one of the best-reviewed apps in the free-to-play platform.

How to Play Design Home: House Renovation

Design Home: House Renovation plays just like other casual simulation games out there. Right off the bat, the game will introduce you to your first task, which is to design a welcoming living room for a couple in New York. Your first task will also serve as the tutorial phase.

The game will prompt you to submit your design, which will earn you some new items and your first level-up. When you are done with your first task, the game will provide you with a new set of projects from a different location. Easy, right?

Design Home Game Features

  • User-Friendly Controls and Interface
  • Design Using Real-World Brands
  • Get Rewards For Your Designs
  • Join A Huge Community of Players

If you want to jumpstart your interior decorating hobby, then download Design Home: House Renovation on your PC today. If you like home building and simulation games so much, there’s more for you on EmulatorPC! Check out Avakin Life – 3D virtual world or The Sims™ Mobile.

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