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Home Street - Dream House Sim – Build Your Dream Home

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Home Street Free Full Version

Home Street – Dream House Sim

Developer: Supersolid

Category: Simulation


Home Street – Dream House Sim is a thrilling life simulation game in which players can freely construct and design their ideal home. Users can also meet new people and lead fulfilling lives. Want to construct your own home and design it in the process? Then this is the game for you!

Welcome to Home Street – Dream House Sim!

Players can effortlessly explore home decoration tasks in this acclaimed Supersolid game. The game blends real-life simulation and challenges, allowing players to build their dream home. You can also practice here to become the person you desire and live in a wholesome environment. The primary objectives should be to build the ideal town, live next to pleasant neighbors, and create your own story.

Players can communicate with fellow gamers from all over the world in the social network that Home Street provides. The game emphasizes the need to balance your character’s personal life with attending to the needs and desires of those around you. You can produce headgear, grow crops, or draw pictures to sell. The resources are needed by several buildings in the city, and you are the only one who can assist. If you are up for the task, then it’s time to prove it by downloading the game on your PC.

Build Your Home Street Dream House & Pursue Your Career

Selecting a personal avatar is the first step. It might be either male or female. Next, you must decide on the shape and outfit of your avatar before you can begin playing the game. Although the game is designed in the same style as the well-known The Sim franchise, there are some gameplay differences. In the beginning, the game will instruct you on ways to pick the system chores and finish them. You can complete the necessary tasks here after accepting the assignment before completing it.

There are tasks for painting, cooking, planting, cleaning, and using tools included in the assignment. You can access new assignments by completing certain levels in them. Diamonds, Gold coins, stars, and several other unique skills are the mission rewards you will get for finishing all the objectives. Home Street is much more than a game about developing homes. You can create your narrative and assume the lead role. On periodically updated quests, there will be various exciting events including being invited as a guest on a game show on television, assisting your local community, embracing city life, or launching your business.
You are free to craft your career in this game and become an expert in any of your favorite fields. Examples of these professions include becoming an artist, soloist, chef, designer, and much more. Aside from constructing buildings, you can choose talent and convert it into a job to generate revenue, earn rewards, and enhance your skills.

Explore These Awesome Features:

  • Immersive building simulation gameplay
  • Create your own story
  • Choose your career
  • Participate in various events
  • Communicate and socialize with other players

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