The Sims™ Mobile: Free-To-Play Life Simulator Game

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The Sims™ Mobile


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Welcome to the world of The Sims™ Mobile for PC. It’s a free-to-play game meant for the long-time fans of the award-winning life simulator game for over 21 years! Now, gain control of your household, customize their looks from top to bottom and give them the ideal home. Help fulfill their dreams, get a chance at love or make them the most popular Sim in town. Anything can happen in The Sims Mobile PC edition. Download the game here.

Virtual Life Simulator Unlike Any Other

The Sims is the longest-running life simulator game in history and is the most awarded series under EA Games. It’s all thanks to the clever mind of Will Wright – creator of SimCity and The Sims. He’s also the founder of Maxis. 21 years later and it still goes strong with its unrivaled sense of simulation. Backed up with amazing features, it will keep you hooked for days.

Now, you can play The Sims Mobile online for free. If compared to The Sims Freeplay, this version focuses more on the individuals inside your household rather than a neighborhood. With that kind of focus, the gameplay is faster, and socializing with other sims has never been this good. It’s a great budget game if you can’t own The Sims 4, and it shares the same aura. Plus, you can interact with other existing Sims made by other players.

When it comes to character customization, no other game does it better than The Sims. Brought in with the same system from The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile game brags its top-quality custom tools. Get to shape up your Sim from literally top to bottom. Beware, the customization is so good, you might take hours just to create your ideal Sim!

Living The Good Sims Life

Controls are pretty much just point and click but do take note of the gameplay. The Sims Mobile is a slower-paced game since portions of it will require specific amounts of gameplay hours. You will start with a small house. But the more quests you complete, the more items you get along with space expansion. Initially, you start with two adult sims. But as you grind your way through, you’ll earn enough to buy more character slots. There is no endgame here; just growth for your Sims and their household.

The Sims™ Mobile Game Features

  • Extensive Create-A-Sim
  • No real-time hours required for quests
  • Eye-pleasing visuals
  • Modernized for the current generation of Sims players
  • Plenty of quests and unlockable items

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