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Duskwood PC - Your Mysterious Adventure in Finding Hannah Donford

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Duskwood On Pc

Duskwood – Detective Story

Developer: Everbyte

Category: Role playing


Are you enthusiastic about uncovering mysterious crimes like Sherlock Holmes? If that’s the case, you better ready your detective skills as you’ll be playing Duskwood right on your PC. Don’t miss the chance to play this intense role-playing game as it’s well-known as one of the top 10 investigation games across 29 countries. 

Developed by Everbyte, Duskwood will set you in a mysterious kidnapping case, and you’ll be tasked to find Hannah and the kidnapper in the Duskwood. To understand this detective game, let’s first know more about the strange village called Duskwood.

The Bizarre Story of Duskwood

Duskwood is a little old-fashioned village with a thick forest around it. According to the villagers, visitors don’t get lost in the forest and find the whole place weird and scary. With this situation, the villagers are afraid that the mysterious legends about the town will come back because Hannah is now lost.

There are no traces of what really happened to Hannah until her friends receive a strange message from her phone. What’s more puzzling about this is the message came from your phone number. What do you think is the meaning of this? Are you the answer that Hannah’s friends looking for? 

Your Detective Journey in this Crime-Solving Game

As you play this role-playing game, you will be using a WhatsApp interface messenger. From there, you will be part of the mysterious story. Most of the time, you will find some hints about Hannah by reading the other characters’ different dialogues. However, be alert enough because one of them might catch you even if you’re in spy mode. Moreover, you’ll try to get clues and hints is by completing various spy missions such as listening to private talks or hacking cloud storage. As you progress in the game, you will experience a lot of twists and turns. Furthermore, take note that as the level increases, everything becomes more complex and challenging.

What’s more amazing about this crime-solving game is that it is playable offline, and you can choose to play it in various languages such as English, Polish. German, French, Russian, Italian, and more. Overall, this game is a perfect choice if you are looking for a combination of classic thriller and mystery that will give you a fantastic detective experience.

Detective Game Features

  • A fascinating mystery-thriller role-playing game
  • Play with real people
  • Experience and utilize various multimedia content
  • Play mini-games or go spy mode
  • It comes in different languages
  • You can play it offline

Enjoy the mysterious gameplay of Duskwood on your PC. For more role-playing games, you can play alternative games like LifeAfter and Identity V right on your PC for free. To grab more of these incredible games, check them out here at EmulatorPC.

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