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Garena AOV: Link Start

Developer: MOBA Games Private Limited

Category: Action

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Are you always into action games or MOBAs? If you want to feel the intense action of these games, make sure to play Garena AOV: Link Start. It’s an action game where you get to team up with five players and battle against five other players worldwide. Make sure to download and play this exciting MOBA now on your PC with EmulatorPC.

Let the Epic Battle Begin

Garena AOV: Link Start is a 5v5 MOBA game by MOBA Games Private Limited. In this game, you are set up with a team of five players to pit against five other players in a three-lane arena filled with towers and monsters. Moreover, this action game comes with familiar gameplay that’s similar to other MOBA games. The only difference is that it comes with smoother graphics, better gameplay, and best of all, iconic characters. And by iconic, you get to play some of the most popular DC Heroes and anime characters from Bleach and Sword Art Online.

There are so many things to enjoy in this fun action game. If you want to see it for yourself, make sure to download Garena AOV today for free here at EmulatorPC. Play it on a bigger screen for a better gaming experience.

Learn How to Play This Action-Packed MOBA

For avid MOBA gamers, it’s really easy to play this game as the mechanics are pretty similar to other MOBAs like Mobile Legends or Wild Rift. But for those who are not into MOBAs, the main objective for this game is simple: to destroy the enemy nexus. Of course, reaching that objective is never easy. That is why you and your teammates have to plan strategically and pick the right hero.

If you want to become the match’s MVP and have a great rank, make sure to kill your enemies as well by utilizing your hero’s skills wisely. To boost up your power and attack damage, you may want to farm by killing various monsters that you can find in between the lanes.

Exciting Features to Enjoy

  • More than 80 characters to master
  • Ultra HD graphics
  • Multiple gameplay modes to choose from – 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and a 10v10 Mayhem mode
  • Enjoy fast matchmaking & 10-minute matches
  • Free to play

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