Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Competitive MOBA Game

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Action, Multiplayer

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One of the most popular multiplayer game genres that you can play is the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). And one of the main reasons for this is how competitive games in this genre can be. The gameplay of MOBA is also amazing and it’s likely why there are many of them being used for esports. One of the best and popular MOBA games that you can play right now is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Published by Moonton, it’s a typical MOBA game where five players will go against five opponents inside the battle arena. Each player will select from a pool of heroes to use inside the map. The goal is to destroy the opposing team’s main structure to win. It’s a fun and competitive game to play. To help you understand more how to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, we’ll provide a guide in the next section.

How To Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

When you start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there will be several game modes that you can choose from. There’s Classic, Brawl, Vs. AI, Custom, and Rank. If you’re not new to MOBA, then you already know the gameplay and how it works. But if you’re new, the best way to learn is to first go to the Vs. AI. In this mode, you can team up and play against AIs. It’s a great way to feel the gameplay and also to learn about the heroes’ abilities and skills.

This game is played 5-vs-5 with each player selecting a hero to use. Each character will have unique skills and abilities that you should learn before using them in battle. Inside the battle arena, there will be three main paths that are guarded by three towers. And inside the base is the main structure. The game will conclude when one team’s main tower is already destroyed. You must protect your towers and base, while also trying to destroy the enemy’s structures.

You will battle against the other team’s heroes, trying to outdo each other to see who will win. MOBAs are games of wits, strategy, and skill. The team who works together most of the time, or are more skilled, usually wins the match. It’s important to remember that heroes will play certain roles. So it’s best that you also work with your team to see which roles need to be filled up.

The Main Features of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Different game modes to play.
  • Collect various heroes with different roles.
  • Online competitive PVP.
  • In-game events and rewards.

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