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TheoTown – City Simulator

Developer: blueflower

Category: Simulation


Have you ever dreamed of managing a city where you can design buildings and other infrastructures? Then make that dream a reality with TheoTown-City Simulator! With this casual simulation game, creating your ultimate dream city is possible. It includes building necessary establishments, high-rise facilities, hospitals, universities, restaurants, landmarks, and the likes. You can create everything you see in an actual scenario of a developing city.

You are only a few steps away from making your dream a reality! Download TheoTown – City Simulator on your PC today, and start developing your town into a great Metropolis!

Build & Manage a Well-developed City in TheoTown

TheoTown-City Simulator is a simulation game published by Blueflower about establishing and managing your own buzzing city. Initially, you will create your city from scratch which is quite challenging for some. But starting from nothing is the main challenge of the game. Take on that challenge by managing everything from building necessary infrastructures such as residential houses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities to transportation means and routes.

Moreover, in the TheoTown game, you are responsible for fulfilling the needs of your residents. So, make sure everything runs smoothly in your city. Making the town safe at all times is your responsibility, too. Yes, you read it right! You are not only responsible for creating the entirety of your city but also for the welfare of your people.

Become the Greatest City Tycoon

Your number one role in the TheoTown City Simulator is to create a well-developed town that improves your residents’ lives. You need to boost the value of your city by building facilities that your residents need. You can start with residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial infrastructures. Aside from that, you also need to construct subway stations, railways, highways, and other means of transportation. For the safety of your inhabitants, you need to build enough hospitals, military facilities, and police stations. After all, your role is to act as a builder and as a mayor that can provide fast action in times of catastrophes.

Moreover, your city will not operate without any energy resources. So, building different sources of power in TheoTown, like solar power plants, power plants, and fusion is necessary. Aside from the basic needs, you also have to provide your people with something they can enjoy during their leisure time. You may construct multiple beautiful landmarks like social stadiums, and themed parks with different attractions.

These tasks in this simulation game may seem quite tedious but are surely rewarding. You will not only improve your creativity in designing a city in TheoTown, but you can also enhance your managing skills. Treating your residents as actual citizens who need basic necessities is the key to fulfilling the goal in the game. As you progress, you can see good improvements in your city, giving you more drive to strive harder. Do your best to achieve an enormous metropolis!

City-Building Simulation Game Features to Look Forward

  • Realistic and detailed city-building simulation
  • Pixel sandbox game
  • Create and develop different cities on your own
  • Expand zones by upgrading your city’s activities
  • Control the city, and the people
  • Build a metropolis with hundreds of inhabitants
  • Experiment with the designs without paying money
  • Control the speed of the game
  • Take screenshots of your city to share with friends and family

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