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Kitten Match – Decorate Apartments & Adopt Adorable Kittens

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Kitten Match On Pc

Kitten Match

Developer: Special Gamez

Category: Puzzle


What would you do if you suddenly received a visit from a helpless and homeless adorable kitten in the middle of a cold winter night? Are you going to ignore its plea or let the adorable animal in? If your answer is the latter, then Kitten Match is the game for you. Begin a new match-three puzzle adventure with your adorable kittens. Immerse into an exciting storyline and show off your house design skills.

Explore An Immersive Storyline About Cats in Kitten Match

As you may have noticed from the title already, the entire game revolves around cats. Kitten Match is a concoction of elements borrowed from city-building, virtual pets, visual novels, and puzzle games. In this game, players take the role of a homeowner who decided to adopt a stray cat. The game follows the generic gameplay structure seen in other games in the genre. This means that there’s a corresponding puzzle for each story-related activity. The game also comes with boosters and power-ups to help players in sticky situations. On top of that is the plethora of customization items just waiting for you to collect.

In-game progression in Kitten Match is highly influenced by the skill of the player. Beating puzzles faster will also fast-track the progression. As for the storyline, players will have the chance to adopt more kittens as the game progresses. They will also have the chance to decorate apartments for their cats which will eventually evolve into a mansion.

Do House Design for Your Cats While Solving Puzzles

Your only responsibility at first is to assist the kitten in warming up. To accomplish this, you must complete a match-three puzzle to obtain the stars required to put on the heating in the room. Gradually, the kitten’s wants will increase, and the room will get cozier. You will have to install a new bed, remove old furnishings, and fix the floor. In other words, you need to build a comfortable and beautiful room for your new companion. As you advance in the game, you will discover that there is another cat in your house. The cat will appear as soon as you utilize your house design skills. The funny thing is that the new cat will protect its territory at all costs.

The gameplay is identical to that of any game of the same category under the puzzle genre. This means that the game will provide you with a specific number of moves for each puzzle. Simply move the pieces around the screen with your mouse as you try to group three or more pieces at once. The visually stunning casual game Kitten Match features some of the cutest characters and appealing gameplay. It’s ideal for anyone who likes both interior design and virtual cats. It is one of the most charming casual games with fantastic visuals.

Get Ahold of The Following Features in Kitten Match

  • Follow an immersive storyline about a stray cat
  • Decorate apartments and mansions for your kittens
  • Adopt adorable kittens
  • A plethora of puzzles to solve
  • City-building, virtual pets, visual novels, and puzzle games combined

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