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Mahjong Secret Mansion On Pc

Mahjong: Secret Mansion

Developer: Beautiful Mahjong Games by Difference Games

Category: Puzzle


If you love the thrilling elements of mystery and the relaxing effect of a mahjong game, then try Mahjong: Secret Mansion. Challenge yourself to thousands of regular and bonus dungeon levels throughout the game. Solve the mystery behind the spooky mansion and explore eerie locations to acquire epic rewards.

Explore Thousands of Mahjong Solitaire Puzzles

Mahjong: Mystery Mansion is a mystery-themed game where solving enigmatic puzzles is your only chance of escaping a haunting home. In this videogame, you will play the part of a Paranormal Investigator who must solve a variety of mahjong levels to unravel the mystery surrounding the mansion you are in.
Use Mahjong Solitaire tiles to unlock hundreds of exciting extra levels. You will also receive 2 bonus stages to tackle every time you gain access to unlock a new regular or master level. Opening treasure chests also yields extra things which are referred to as Collectibles. You can combine these items to form treasures. Just click on the circular bottle icon at the upper side of the interface to check the collectibles. Both the various game items and the number of collectibles stored in the inventory will be displayed. These goods can be sold for 5,000 each, however, it would be best to wait until you have amassed enough materials for crafting.

Complete Dungeon Levels & Collect Treasure Chests

Compared to other puzzle games, Mahjong Mystery Mansion will not automatically unlock the next level after you conquer the current one. To gain access to the next level, you must pay using your hard-earned gold. Even if you receive a three-star rating, the gold you earn for solving the current puzzle is less than what you spent to unlock it. But, do not let this stop you from continuing. Just think of it as an added challenge in your quest. Even though the game comes with insane inflation, your earning potential is limitless.

You can also go through previous levels as often as you want until you have accumulated enough points to open the next level. Aside from the unlimited replay option, you will also receive an ad offer at the end of each level. The offer will earn you 50,000 gold plus the opportunity to spin the wheel. The wheel can even distribute hundreds of thousands of gold pieces in a single turn. The best part is that you will still receive this offer if you repeat a level to camp out in the easier ones. You frequently get item prizes in Mahjong: Mystery Mansion after finishing a level.

Mahjong Secret Mansion Game Features To Enjoy:

  • Challenge yourself to thousands of mahjong solitaire puzzles
  • Discover a plethora of bonus levels packed with tons of rewards
  • Collect hints and utilize them anytime in the game
  • Collect daily rewards and exciting prizes
  • Explore unique tile sets from various worlds

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