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Number Wood Jigsaw - Test Your Brainpower by Solving Jigsaw Puzzles

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Number Wood Jigsaw On Pc

Number Wood Jigsaw

Developer: Herald Studio

Category: Puzzle


Do you like challenging yourself whenever you play puzzles? Well, you better ready your extraordinary logical thinking and brain skills while playing Number Wood Jigsaw. If you’re familiar with jigsaw puzzles, you’ll easily figure out how to play this game.

Published by Herald Studio, this jigsaw game is renowned as a sliding puzzle game that will definitely exercise your gray matter to the fullest. Plus, it’s a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game that will train your brain to solve numbers or create images with blocks.

Unleash Your Brain Skills with Logical Number Puzzles

There’s no need to deal with a tutorial in this jigsaw puzzle game, as you can quickly learn how the game works. Here, all you have to do is click and slide the puzzle piece into the empty space. Once you’ve set the puzzle pieces to their rightful place, the stage is cleared. Furthermore, you will usually encounter typical number puzzles and colorful images. For instance, you’ll experience solving puzzles with beautiful pictures like plants, animals, and landscapes. Also, these puzzles are set on a genuinely looking wood board, making this puzzle game more realistic.

Challenge Your Mind in Various Puzzle Sizes

Even though this puzzle game offers simple gameplay, you still need to be flexible and test more of your brain skills with other challenging puzzles. For example, you can try out different difficulty levels such as Easy, Normal, Hard, and Master. Keep in mind that each level contains different puzzle sizes, from 3×3 to 14×14. So if you think you’re good enough and master solving jigsaw puzzles, you better test your skills with these complicated levels. Additionally, take note that each puzzle runs with a timer, so it’s best to focus on solving the puzzle in order to proceed to the next one. However, if you think you can’t handle a certain level, you can choose to skip it or get hints from the game itself.

So, are you ready to determine your IQ score? Are your brain cells ready to move in various easy to complex jigsaw puzzles? If yes, prepare some space in your PC’s memory and download this mind-challenging puzzle now!

Intoxicating Number Wood Jigsaw Game Features

  • Immerse in colorful puzzle images such as animals, plants, and more
  • Test your prowess in various difficulty levels like Easy, Normal, Hard, and Master
  • Each difficulty level offers several puzzle sizes from 3×3 to 14×14
  • Each puzzle runs with a timer
  • Utilize the skip and hints options
  • All puzzles are set in a realistic wood

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