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Picka 30 Days to Love - Will You Fall in Love or Suffer a Heartbreak?

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Picka 30 Days On Pc

Picka : 30 Days to Love

Developer: Plain Bagel Inc.

Category: Simulation


Are you fond of reading novels featuring handsome characters and a beautiful protagonist? Do you enjoy playing simulation games that spell romance? Then you should try Picka 30 Days to Love online simulation game. In this game, you have a chance to explore an engaging storyline with different endings based on the decisions you make. If you are curious to know how the game works, then download Picka 30 days to love on your PC today!

Each of Your Picka 30 Days to Love Decision Matters

Developed and published by Plain Bagel Inc., Picka 30 Days to Love online is a free role-playing game. This 2D platforming marvel is the perfect simulation-based novel gameplay from the company. Here, players will role-play as the main character and should fulfill their role to render the narrative in a progressive direction. Moreover, the game’s realistic visuals and calming music will help you enjoy a special virtual space.

The story of Picka 30 Days to Love begins smoothly. The main character, one day, receives a message with an offer for a big opportunity happening in the next 30 days. From hereon, the main character will meet different girls or guys to befriend and fall in love with. The catch is, with all these handsome young men, who will the main character choose? The decision is all in your hands.

Get Ready to Fall in Love with Picka 30 Days to Love

The romantic role-playing game centers around the main character, be it male or female. Here, 4 guys or girls will be introduced depending on the main character’s gender. So if your character is a woman, she will be meeting 4 other guys; and vice versa. Note that regardless of gender, the names of all characters remain the same.

Interestingly, you will be given different tasks to complete as you go on dates with the other characters in the story. Despite the 2D graphics, the visuals of the Picka: 30 Days to Love game are stunning. As the main character completes the mission, they will be given a chance to choose from several options. Each decision will lead to a different ending for every one of the secondary characters. Prepare for heartbreak or a chance to fall in love as you play Picka: 30 Days to Love game.

Simulation Game Features to Look Forward

  • Feast your eyes on the stunning characters
  • Get immersed in Picka’s engaging narrative
  • Embark on realistic dates across a magical world
  • Complete quests to earn in-game rewards
  • Customize your character however you see fit

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