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Super Phantom Cat On Pc

Super Phantom Cat

Developer: Veewo Games

Category: Adventure


Want to take the platform game to the next level? Super Phantom Cat is an exciting retro game by Veewo Games, whose environment is full of difficulties that will make every platforming lover ecstatic. As you pull off remarkable feats like bouncing on a monster’s head to land on a difficult-to-reach platform or fast jumping between small platforms to bridge a large abyss, you’ll need quick reflexes. If you want to make it to the end, you’ll have to be inch-perfect. Download this game for free today.

The Exhilarating Super Phantom Cat Game

Super Phantom Cat PC is a 2D platformer inspired by the retro classics, such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, and Sonic The Hedgehog. Players assume the character of Chemist White in Super Phantom Cat and go on an action-packed trip through the Phantom World. Long ago, Super Phantom Cat saved Chemist White when he was a tiny child, who later became his personal hero. Years later, Chemist White is taken away by Flash Cat to the Phantom World. Here, he discovers he can collect data shards and transform them into a variety of characters, including the all-powerful Super Phantom Cat.

Fun-tastic & Colorful Gameplay for Cat Lovers

Super Phantom Cat’s basic goal is to reach the final portal. There are presently 96 levels in the game, divided into 11 regular planets and 5 moon worlds. However, each of these levels has additional goals that are presented on the level pick screen. There is also a two-player Battle Mode in addition to these stages. When you come across an event level, play it for the best potential rewards. It will almost always be the same as the regular level, making it no tougher to beat than a regular level. In most cases, you’ll find extra money at these levels.

You will find and purchase more cats as you move through the game and complete additional stages. If you encounter these cats but haven’t yet used them, they’ll appear in your cat collections but remain locked. They will appear on the kitty pick screen once you have officially unlocked them, and you’ll be able to view them. You can play on any previous level you completed at any moment by heading to the level pick screen. In addition, you can see all of the previous levels that you have completed here. Keep going forward and complete levels to expand your level library.

Game Features

  • A whimsical plot and a modern take on old platformers
  • Artwork that is clean, vibrant, and has a fun character design
  • Fantastic chiptune music
  • Controls that are completely adjustable
  • Extra levels for further depth and challenge

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