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Train Station 2: Train Games

Developer: Pixel Federation Games

Category: Simulation


Train Station 2 is the ultimate game for those who love trains and dream of creating their railway empire. Developed by Pixel Federation Games, the game provides players with an opportunity to design, construct and maintain their railway network. It is a strategy simulation game where you must come up with a distinct strategy to connect cities with railways and maintain different railway lines that are dispersed around the world.

A Railway Empire Building Strategy Simulation Game

In Train Station 2, players are transported into the world of trains and multinational tracks. Their responsibility is to build and sustain all railway systems established on each street. The construction process is not easy and might take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that players do a draft plan to carefully plan their construction.

To build their railway empire, players must carefully consider the physical features of each route, calculate factors such as road distance and potential hazards during travel. After determining the optimal railway structure, they can start construction with the aid of machines and contractors. There are numerous trains to choose from, including famous engines from rail transport history.

Master the World of Trains with Train Station 2

Train Station 2: Train Games goes beyond constructing a railway empire. Players also need to complete various logistics jobs, primarily focusing on transporting goods to their customers. It’s essential to choose the right trains that suit the route to ensure the efficient delivery of goods. As players progress, they can upgrade their trains and maximize their full potential.

Train Station 2 offers players the chance to compete in monthly events and climb up the leaderboards to showcase their skills. They can also become collectors of real-life trains, which are classified into different rarity categories. This feature makes train simulation game one of the biggest railway empires in the gaming world.

In conclusion, this is an exciting game that offers endless possibilities for players who love trains and railway tycoon games. The game provides an opportunity to build a railway network and maintain it, transport goods, and compete with other players. If you’re up for the challenge of becoming the best railway tycoon, Train Station 2: Train Games is the game for you.

Train Station 2 Features – Building Your Own Railway Empire

  • Acquire and develop authentic trains from railway history
  • Accomplish difficult contracts and get various rewards
  • Expand your train station to produce different products and goods
  • Ascend the leaderboards and establish yourself as the foremost railway tycoon
  • Build larger and improved rail facilities to enhance your railway city
  • Discover new regions globally
  • Rarity categories that add value to train collections

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