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100 Years - Life Simulator – Create & Take Charge of Your Own Life’s Story

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100 Years Life Simulator On Pc

100 Years – Life Simulator

Developer: VOODOO

Category: Simulation


Ever think of spending a day going through the various stages of development at once? Does that sound absurd? Well, not in this game. Here, you will have the opportunity to quickly transition from a baby to an elderly senior. Discover your surroundings and educate yourself daily with the 100 Years – Life Simulator game. Live from 1-100 by striving to survive and avoid passing away too soon. Make decisions and take charge of your life’s story. See how many years you can live with this simulator. Discover life at every stage with 100 Years – Life Simulator!

Simulate 100 Years of Life in Minutes

Players can experience every stage of a person’s life while playing this simulator game. They will start their journey at birth and continue until their advanced years. Hundreds of interactive experiences await players throughout the game, the outcome of which is influenced by their choices. Players may simply get over any fears or embarrassments by restarting the game if they make a mistake. Get a life-altering experience without having to deal with the results of your decision. Every new path is a fresh branch in your narrative.

Experience 100 Years of Life Simulator Free!

In the life simulation game 100 Years – Life Simulator, players will play as a baby, a child, a worker, and other roles you choose. You can decide to take specific actions and then observe how their life will transform as a result. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go through high school and experience relationships.

The game has a simple control scheme and 3D graphics. You can gradually solve each challenge by clicking the components that go on display on your screen. For example, one is to avoid obstacles in the mini-games. Another is to exert every effort to get to the baby’s mother so the child may be fed. You will encounter increasingly challenging activities that are related to aging as you go through the game.

So, before making a decision, you must thoroughly consider your options. This is because the subsequent phase of your development will be impacted by your earlier decision. In some cases, it may appear like the end is near, but analyze deeply and seek a way out. Every step you take could have drastic implications because there are always significant risks involved. Take proper care of yourself, and stop letting poor decisions ruin the fun. Let’s see how much time you can take to reach 100 years old in 100 Years – Life Simulator.

100 Years Game Features

  • Life-simulation game from baby to adulthood
  • Exhilarating encounters with other players in the game
  • Find friends and create your own love story
  • Compete for work and become a successful
  • Relive your childhood and high-school days

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